Hilaria Baldwin Posts Creepy “Selfie” With Her and Alec After Controversial ABC Interview

Hilaria Baldwin Posts Creepy “Selfie” With Her and Alec After Controversial ABC Interview

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria are two total creeps.


As time goes on, you can clearly see these narcissistic ghouls have turned this deadly “Rust” nightmare into a PR blitz about themselves.

They’re trying to re-tell the story and paint Alec Baldwin as the “real victim,” not the guy who pointed the gun and shot an innocent woman just trying to do her job. Why else would they be posting on social media, speaking to the press on the side of the road, and doing these grandiose interviews on ABC?

They should show some respect to the victim’s family and stay quiet and let the process play out.

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But that’s not how these two roll, is it?

Their behavior is ghoulish beyond belief when you think about a mom who lost her life, and it becomes even worse when you see how Alec is now trying to change the messaging by claiming he didn’t point the gun or pull the trigger.

It’s insulting to the victim, and her family, to all the witnesses who were there, and to the public, as well.

And on top of all of that, after that bizarre and controversial ABC interview, Alec’s wife, who’s accused of “faking her heritage” for attention, is now snapping creepy selfies of her and her husband and posting it online.


What in God’s name is wrong with these two?

Here are comments from folks online:

“Great picture but his Hands should behind him cause he is a murderer #AlecBaldwin”

“Trigger finger in full view”

“Why would she post this picture?! The interview is about a woman’s death at the hands of her husband! #nuts”

“Must be creepy hanging out with a murder.”

“Did she post it in Spanish, are there cucumbers in it?”

“I heard that interview with some of the best acting he’s ever done!”

Alec Baldwin’s PR team is also out there in full force, working for him as if this is the launch of a new movie.

There’s something very macabre about how Alec and his team are handling this and promoting his new “story.”

Alec and his wife are not doing themselves any favors with these stunts.

While Alec is a key player in this nightmare, he’s treating this like a PR battle he’s clamoring to win.


When what he should do is stay quiet in the background, and work with authorities to understand what happened, and allow the truth to come out in court, not a creepy media and social media blitz, with inappropriate interviews and wild “conspiracy theories” and narcissistic selfies.

It’s disgusting. 

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