DUPREE: The American Family Is In Trouble, According To Census Bureau Report

DUPREE: The American Family Is In Trouble, According To Census Bureau Report

The American nuclear family has long served as the foundation of the country’s freedoms and prosperity. However, according to the most recent data from the Census Bureau, the nuclear family, if not dead, is at the very least on life support. American children are only reared in typical two-parent families by a very tiny percentage of their population.

For decades, leftists have waged an unrelenting campaign against the nuclear family in a variety of forms. Women’s emancipation and no-fault divorce were two of the most significant developments of the 1960s. In addition to relieving women from hopelessly unhappy marriages and dead-end jobs, both of these measures served to remove women from their roles as homemakers and primary teachers of their children, often delegating these duties to immigrant women when the children were young and to public schools when the children were older.


The welfare state also dealt a serious damage to the traditional nuclear family. Many women will admit that, even if they like or love men, they may be difficult to live with at times, an issue that can extend beyond simply leaving the toilet seat up. A regular “paycheck” that does not include a guy might be a genuine benefit in some situations.

What’s worse, the welfare system is designed in such a way that having a father in the family might lower a woman’s income, and the more children a woman has outside of marriage, the more money she receives. This isn’t enough money to maintain the middle-class luxuries that many of us enjoy, but as I’ve learned through acquaintances, the middle-class lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Many folks are just looking for a check that will cover the costs of modest housing, food, and medications.

As a result of divorcing sex and marriage, the Pill and abortion both challenged the nuclear family. Women could pretend to be able to have consequence-free sex, and males could surely have consequence-free sex if they wanted to. Both men and women have drifted away, evading the obligations of adulthood since they do not have children to link them together. Men can still grow up and establish a family when they are in their 50s, but women cannot.

Recent attacks on families have primarily been perpetrated by members of the LGBTQ liberation movement, particularly the nonsensical claim that people are not born male or female (sperm and egg; mother and father), but are instead endlessly sexually mutable organisms that can change their sex—and thus abandon the biological responsibilities associated with their sex—whenever the mood strikes them. Furthermore, Black Lives Matter has said explicitly that it intends to dismantle the nuclear family as a unit (a claim it deleted when called out upon it).


Through the popular culture of Hollywood, trivial attacks on family have been launched. Once upon a time, particularly after World War II, Hollywood churned out stuff that celebrated the intact, conventional family, with Dad working and Mom maintaining a good home and rearing nice, respectable children, among other things.

Behind a short period of time, however, such shows became the object of leftist derision and contempt, and they were eventually supplanted by a society in which dumb single parents haplessly and pathetically trail after their cool tweens. Abortion, divorce, and the entire LGBTQ panoply are all celebrated in pop culture, as is everything else that undermines the traditional nuclear family structure.

There is a purpose to liberals’ attacks on families, since families are at the heart of America’s two greatest gifts: liberty and wealth. An intact family is a powerful economic unit, because both the mother and father work hard to provide for their children’s needs financially.

It is a potent liberty unit because it serves as a counterbalance to the government’s policies. The imaginary lady, “Julia,” was completely reliant on the government, granting the government enormous control over the individual (and her children)

And, of course, a strong and affluent generation is produced by a family that has remained together, because males reared in such homes are less likely to become criminals and girls raised in such families are less likely to become promiscuous. The family is a force to be reckoned with.


It is because of these facts that the Census Bureau’s newly revealed report regarding two-parent families is terribly depressing:

The number of homes in America with the traditional ‘nuclear family’ of a married couple with children is now the lowest it has been since 1959, according to Census data.

The Census Bureau’s count showed that 17.8 percent of the United States’ 130 million households featured married parents with children under the age of 18.

That’s only down from 18.6 percent from last year but down much more significantly from over 40 percent in 1970.

There are currently just 23.1 million American homes with those ‘nuclear families,’ which is the fewest since 1959.


Other figures reveal that the fertility rate in the United States has decreased during the previous two years (from 58.5 births per 1,000 in 2019 to only 55.4 per 1,000 this year). Americans are getting married at a lower rate, with about 50% of the population having a spouse, compared to 87 percent in 1960.

This is horrible news for children, and it is also bad news for the liberty and prosperity of the United States of America.

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