[VIDEO] We Now Know What Audience Was Told to Do When Biden Failed to Take Stage at Tree Lighting Ceremony

[VIDEO] We Now Know What Audience Was Told to Do When Biden Failed to Take Stage at Tree Lighting Ceremony

Remember that disastrous entrance the Biden’s experienced for their Christmas lighting ceremony, where they missed their introduction and were two minutes late taking the stage, and then when they got there, Biden didn’t know where to he was supposed to speak from?


Well, now we know more about what happened and how the audience was told to “react” as they awkwardly waited for the Biden’s to show up on stage.

Western Journal reported that when it came time for the First Couple to make their entrance onto the stage to do the whole tree-lighting thing, things got positively well, Bidenian.

As Fox News reports, President and Mrs. Biden couldn’t make it to the stage for a full two minutes after rapper LL Cool J announced them.

This ultimately necessitated the audience of service members and their families to be told to sit down, then stand up and applaud for a second time once the 78-year-old Biden and wife managed to find their way to the stage.

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The result was equal parts awkward and painful as the crowd stood to hail the chief and was forced to simply remain standing, wondering what they were supposed to do next.

Mr. Cool J jumped in to try to smooth things over, telling the crowd, “All right, good vibes, good vibes,” before pausing awkwardly again.

I’m not sure if this is simply ’90s-era rapper slang for “stay cool, everyone” or if he was doing a sort of hip-hop incantation to dispel the awkwardness, but bless him, the poor man was trying, and he continued to do so, although the scramble to make light of the situation got more painful as he went on to issue the crowd their stage directions for take two.

“All right, so…we’re gonna do it again. Not the whole thing! You know, you good, you all stood up, very patriotic, that’s wonderful. Yes, you’re respecting the office — you’re supposed to!” he said (respecting the office of the presidency has gone back into fashion this year, having briefly gone out of style between 2017 and January 19, 2021).

“Sit down again, one more time,” LL continued, to laughter from the crowd.


“It’ll be fine,” he added, chuckling slightly himself, although with the air of one who is reconsidering his more recent life choices.

“It’s gonna go well,” he said, as though to himself. “OK.”

So awkward. 

You can watch the video below:

Here are comments from folks online. Many people think Biden may have had another “bathroom issue.”

“Code brown again”

“He probably was in the bathroom.” 

“This man needs double-duty diapers.” 

“Nurse Jill was probably changing her husband’s diaper. AGAIN” 

“Can these two get anything right? Just walking out on stage is a problem they can’t seem to overcome” 

“The Biden’s make everyone feel uncomfortable.” 

“How sad is this, LL you are better than this”

“I’m surprised the Chinese haven’t already taken Taiwan.”

“2 minutes late to a tree ceremony is nothing. We’re going on 11 months and he still has yet to show up for his presidency.”


At this point, if the Biden’s managed to pull anything off without a hitch, we’d all be shocked.

A bumbling, confused “presidency” is the new norm for America. How sad. We deserve better.

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