[VIDEO] AZ State Socialist Club’s Event Gets Drowned Out by Conservative Crowd Chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”

[VIDEO] AZ State Socialist Club’s Event Gets Drowned Out by Conservative Crowd Chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”

The “woke” communists at Arizona State University threw a fit about Kyle Rittenhouse attending their school. Kyle was taking online nursing courses. After the Marxists kicked up a hornet’s nest, Kyle unenrolled from his classes.

Here are members of club. Don’t they look nice?

Iranian terrorists would be proud of them.


The New York Post reported that Kyle Rittenhouse is no longer enrolled at Arizona State University, where left-leaning student groups rallied to get the teen kicked out of his studies, despite a court acquitting him of all charges.

University officials told The Post on Tuesday that Rittenhouse, 18, was no longer taking any classes.

“Kyle Rittenhouse has not gone through the ASU admissions process,” a university spokesperson said in an email. “University records show that he is not currently enrolled in any classes at ASU.”

Rittenhouse testified at his trial on Nov. 10 that he was studying nursing at ASU.

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The university confirmed earlier this month that Rittenhouse had been taking classes as an online student for its session starting on Oct. 13, but wasn’t enrolled in its Edson College of Nursing and Health.

Following Rittenhouse’s testimony in court, four groups — led by Students for Socialism ASU — planned a rally for Wednesday to boot Rittenhouse, whom they blasted as a “white supremacist.”

After Kyle left the school’s nursing program, the ASU “Socialists Club” was still eager to whine and complain so they held a rally to protest Kyle – even though he was no longer attending the school.

What the little commies didn’t expect, was a big group of conservatives showing up, drowning them out with very loud “Let’s Go Brandon” chants.

And the communists were not happy!


Journalist Drew Hernandez wrote: “ARIZONA: ASU socialists get drowned out by conservative counter protesters chanting “LET’S GO BRANDON!” at an ASU socialist organized gathering to protest Kyle Rittenhouse attending online classes at the university even though he is no longer enrolled at the school”

You can watch the video below:

The low-info Marxist students also want the university to release a statement against white supremacy and denounce Rittenhouse as a “racist killer,” even though Kyle was cleared of all charges.


We can thank CNN and the rest of the Deep State propaganda media for brainwashing these idiotic zombies and turning them into mouth-frothing lunatics.

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