WOW, “Babylon Bee” Takes Hilarious Jab at Cuomo Brothers After Chris Was Fired From CNN 

WOW, “Babylon Bee” Takes Hilarious Jab at Cuomo Brothers After Chris Was Fired From CNN 

As you likely know by now, Chris Cuomo got the boot over at CNN.


It turns out Chris was using his power, resources, and influence to smear anyone who dared to accuse his brother of wrongdoing, including many women who claimed disgraced former Governor Cuomo sexually harassed them.

Chris sprang into action and became his brother’s very own “command central. And he used his CNN sources to help – which is a big no-no when it comes to “journalistic ethics.” And I know what you’re probably thinking, “But CNN doesn’t have any ethics,” and you’d be right.

Here’s the statement from CNN:

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Honestly, I think the story just got too big, and CNN couldn’t ignore it anymore, so they cut him loose to avoid getting a lot of backlash from the feminist mob, and more ridicule from the right.

Here is Chris’s statement:

Also, don’t forget, CNN is about to head into unchartered waters soon. They’ve got new owners taking over, and they’ve been clear – they’re not interested in the “sensationalized/biased” reporting CNN’s been pumping out.

Chances are, Cuomo would have gotten fired soon, anyway.


And speaking of unemployment, the always hilarious Baylon Bee took a very funny jab at both Cuomo brothers in this latest article.

It’s quick and simple, but really funny.

“Unemployment Rate Among Cuomo Brothers Rises To 100%”

Here’s a snippet from the satirical article:

NEW YORK, NY—The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting a drastic rise in the unemployment rate among brothers in the Cuomo family, saying it has increased to a record 100%. “This is unprecedented among Cuomos,” said BLS Commissioner Bob Labor. “Contributing factors may include a struggling economy, as well as the fact that they’re both corrupt skeezy pervs.”

Experts expect the Cuomo unemployment rate to tick down later next year when they release their bestselling tell-all books about being corrupt skeezy pervs and run for public office.

Ha ha ha, great stuff!


We don’t like to celebrate when someone loses their job, but if ant two people actually deserve it, it’s these jerks.

Karama worked swiftly on them.

But more to come for Andrew, who still has to answer for all those nursing home deaths.

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