[VIDEO] Joe Biden Can’t Go Anywhere Without Getting Bombarded by Trump Flags, and FJB Chants

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Can’t Go Anywhere Without Getting Bombarded by Trump Flags, and FJB Chants

Joe Biden can’t travel anywhere these days without getting bombarded by Trump flags, “Let’s Go Brandon” flags, and FJB chants. This stuff is becoming the “regular” scenery for Joe as he stares blankly out his motorcade window.


Who knows, the guy is so far-gone, maybe he doesn’t even realize they’re protesting him?

“Look Jill, they LOVE ME!!” 

Yesterday, Joe Biden shuffled over to Minneapolis to lie some more about his Green New Deal “Build Back Better” plan, which will crush the already limping and lifeless middle class.

And if there’s one thing Joe Biden knows a lot about, it’s crushing the middle-class; he’s been doing it his entire career.

Joe Biden visited Rosemount, Minnesota, and members of the heavy trucking program at the Dakota County Technical College, and told a bunch of stuff that wasn’t true about his “communist climate change” plan.

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And while he was in Minnesota, Biden faced down a couple hundred very rowdy protesters.

You can watch the video below (warning language):

I like the “poopy pants” sign a lot, but my maturity level isn’t too high, so…

It’s quite amazing to see a man who supposedly earned some 81-million legal votes, greeted with such resistance and hostility, isn’t it?


In my lifetime, I’ve never seen the American people show such across-the-board disdain for one politician…

Thus far, the anti-Joe efforts have even surpassed the angst against Obama, which is amazing.


We’ll see if it continues during the midterms and if Joe gets blown out as Obama did.

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