One Savvy Trump Supporter Knew This Would Happen, So He Saved Two Receipts to Shut Joe Down

One Savvy Trump Supporter Knew This Would Happen, So He Saved Two Receipts to Shut Joe Down

The Biden admin has one approach to all the problems that they face.



That’s it. They just deny that it’s a problem and pretend that everything is fine, and suggest that you’re a crazy “conspiracy theorist” or “Nazi” if you think it’s a problem.

They did that with the 2020 election, Critical Race Theory, and with Afghanistan too — after 13 Americans died, Joe stood before the American people and gave an angry “victory speech.”

And think about this… Joe just had the worst jobs report of his so-called “presidency,” and he went on TV to take a victory lap.

These people are shameless commies.

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According to them, there are no “supply chain” issues, that’s just a “conspiracy theory.”

This is how they deal with problems because they have no solutions.

So, according to Team Joe, you’re not paying more in gas. You’re just listening to a silly Fox News conspiracy theory.


Well, one savvy Trump supporter knew something like this might happen, so he saved his receipt from September 2020 when he got gas at the MAPCO gas station on Winchester Rd. On that day he visited pup 8 and paid $1.84 per gallon.

And on November 4th of this year, he went back to the MAPCO on Winchester Rd. and he used pump 13, where he paid $3.18 per gallon.

And he tweeted out both of his receipts.

Sorry, Joe, the jig is up.

Here are some comments from people online:

“Yep we went as a fam with 2 cars and 4 kids—from $550/600 to now $950/$1000 a month .”

“I was paying 2.88 for diesel in LA in 2020, now 4.59”

“You guys got 3.18 gas dammmmm! Out here in California it’s 5 bucks a gallon”

“The Biden admin would blame it on Pump #13, say that it’s broken”

“On Thursday, the nation’s average price for regular gasoline stood at $3.388 a gallon, up 21 cents from last month and up nearly $1.25 from a year ago,”

“Wish my gas was that cheap last month”

“Stop complaining about your $3.18 gas it’s almost $4.00 where I’m at”

“If that’s not Building Back Better what is? lol”


Biden’s inflation and his soaring gas prices are a direct hit against the middle-class.

But that’s what Biden’s done all his career… He’s destroyed the middle-class, so everyone should be used to this by now.

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