[VIDEO] Brian Stelter Backstabs Chris Cuomo, Dishes Behind-The-Scenes Dirt About Miserable Vibe at CNN

[VIDEO] Brian Stelter Backstabs Chris Cuomo, Dishes Behind-The-Scenes Dirt About Miserable Vibe at CNN

As you probably already know, Chris Cuomo got the boot over at CNN.


Chris’s show was their highest-rated, which isn’t saying a lot since CNN’s ratings are so embarrassingly low, but he was their “number one” guy, so that’s gotta be a blow.

This might explain why Brian Stelter, who definitely gives off a “jealous vibe,” used the firing to pull out his knife and twist it into Chris’s back.

Literally, minutes after the firing, Stelter, AKA “Potato,” hopped on the air with his co-clown Jim Acosta, and stomped whatever was left of Chris Cuomo’s career, into dust.

Daily Wire reported that CNN’s Brian Stelter dunked on fired network host Chris Cuomo on Saturday while breaking the news to CNN’s television audience live on the air.


Stelter said that Cuomo “violated journalistic ethics and norms not once or twice, but many times,” adding that Cuomo “had been suspended not just, you know, for a week, not in the kind of way that’s a fake suspension to take pressure off CNN, this was a real suspension.”

When talking about the “additional information” that the network learned about Cuomo during the course of their investigation, Stelter said he did not know if CNN would ever reveal what that information was.

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“I think this may be a situation, Jim, just drawing on my years as a media reporter, I think this may be a situation where it was death by a 1,000 cuts, where there were just so many headaches, time and time again, involving Chris Cuomo, that even though many viewers loved watching ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ and looked forward to his show, that he was causing so many headaches for the network and for CNN staffers, that ultimately this decision was reached,” Stelter said. “That’s just drawing on my background, you know, covering other stories like this. I do think, you know, this is a moment where journalistic ethics are at play. And I know there were many CNN staffers very unhappy with the situation, very frustrated by Chris Cuomo.”


You can watch the video below:

No wonder CNN is going down the tubes. Not only are they all fake news peddlers, but they’re not even loyal to each other when it matters most.

I’m no fan of Cuomo, but for Stelter to capitalize on this, and twist the knife, just shows what kind of unprofessional operation they’re running over there.


They’ll sail each other down the river the first chance they get.

There’s no honor among thieves.

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