“Nigerian Brothers” Reveal For First Time The Real Reasons They Agreed to Go Along With Smollett’s “Hate Hoax” 

“Nigerian Brothers” Reveal For First Time The Real Reasons They Agreed to Go Along With Smollett’s “Hate Hoax” 

The trial for Jussie Smollett is underway, and even though there’re no cameras in the courtroom, there are people who are “live-tweeting” from the courthouse and keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on.


And from what they say, things are not going very well for Jussie Smollett.

I have some tweets to share with you about what’s been going on inside the courtroom. Right now the primary focus is on the brothers, who are the prosecution’s star witnesses. And thanks to their testimony, we now know the deeper reasons these two agreed to take part in a hate hoax.

It was about a lot more than the $3,500 Jussie paid them.

Matt Finn is a Fox News reporter who is on the scene inside the courtroom and here’s what he’s tweeted:

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Smollett trial – Osundiaro brother testifies on stand that Jussie asked two brothers to get into his mercedes where he asked them to fake beat him

Smollett explained he was upset the Empire studio didn’t take more seriously a MAGA hate letter sent to Smollett

Bola Osundairo testifies he and his brother agreed because Bola felt indebted to Smollett for Empire part and thought Smollett could better his career

Osundairo says they used code word “training” for a dry run of alleged fake attack.

(Prosecution says LE never confirmed who sent the hate letter. It’s alleged Smollett sent it to himself.)

Osundairo says Smollett drove them to the exact staircase where he wanted them to carry out plan. Mentioned that a camera would capture it.

CPD detective previously testified Smollett was upset when they told him the camera actually did not capture incident

Osundairo brother tesitifies Smollett told them to use N word, F****t, and MAGA. Bola Osundairo says he knew what MAGA stood for and was related to Trump

Osundairo testifies Smollett wanted the incident to be caught on camera to be “used for media.” But, the camera did not point toward incident

So, now it makes more sense why these two guys agreed to take part in this insane hoax. They felt indebted to Smollett for previous help, and also hoped that he could continue helping them, especially if he got more “famous” from all the media.

That would mean a lot more to them than $3,500 dollars.


I really don’t see how Jussie is going to convince a jury that he was the “victim” of these two brothers, as he’s now claiming.

He’s saying the two brothers didn’t like him and planned this attack to hurt him and his career.

That makes no sense.


I think Jussie’s goose is cooked, because the brothers, while idiots to go through with this awful scheme, seem credible.

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