Chris Cuomo Just Took Another Massive Blow, As He’s Dumped For 3rd Time in One Week

Chris Cuomo Just Took Another Massive Blow, As He’s Dumped For 3rd Time in One Week

Chris Cuomo isn’t having an enjoyable week.


He lost his gig at CNN for helping his brother “smear” the woman who accused him of sexual assault, and reportedly for his own “sexual assault” accusations, as well.

So, now Chris isn’t on TV.

Then, reports started swirling that Sirus asked Chris to resign from his radio show, and he did.

So, now Chris isn’t on the radio.

And now, we’re hearing that his book deal through Harper Collins was just flushed down the toilet.

So, now Chris doesn’t have a book.

Essentially, Chris Cuomo has been “canceled.”

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The New York Post reported that HarperCollins Publishers has dropped plans to release a book by Chris Cuomo amid the controversy that led to his firing by CNN, The Post has learned.

A spokesperson for the company’s Custom House imprint confirmed the decision Tuesday following a report that a listing for the planned hardcover was recently removed from the Amazon website.

“I can confirm that we don’t intend to publish the book,” spokesperson Kelly Rudolph told The Post.

Rudolph declined to elaborate.

But a publishing-industry source said: “This is why contracts have a morals clause. He lost his platform and his credibility.”


The source noted, however, that the canceled book deal “will probably help” Cuomo if he sues CNN over his firing, “since it really cost him materially.”

Cuomo’s planned book, “Deep Denial,” was initially set for release in October but had its publication date pushed back to Jan. 11 and then to Oct. 15, according to the Publishers Marketplace website, which reported on its disappearance from Amazon.

Al the people who cheered President Trump being removed, are now being taught a very serious lesson from karma.

While they all sat there, cheering while he was unfairly and unjustly canceled, little did they know the demon they unleashed would eventually turn around and bite them.


That’s always the way it goes, but everyone seems to forget that part.

And now, they’re being reminded.


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