CNN Fires Chris Cuomo AFTER Meeting With Its Lawyers; He Responds!

CNN Fires Chris Cuomo AFTER Meeting With Its Lawyers; He Responds!

A “known legal firm” conducted an internal examination of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, which resulted in Cuomo being sacked from the network “effective immediately,” the company stated on Saturday.

Cuomo was suspended earlier this week awaiting further examination of new evidence that has come to light regarding his role in the defense of a family member, according to a statement released by CNN. “As part of the assessment, we engaged the services of a well-regarded law firm, which we have now fired with immediate effect.


“Additionally relevant information has come to light throughout the course of that investigation. Despite the firing, we will conduct an investigation as necessary “The statement went on to say

I was completely taken aback! I’m still in shock that they really dismissed him. I was under the impression that Cuomo would be treated similarly to Jeff Toobin, who was suspended after being caught masterbating on a zoom call. I was wrong. Despite this, I believe CNN has gone too far down the rabbit hole and will be unable to reclaim much credibility in the future.

Cuomo replied to his dismissal by issuing a statement, which read: “This is not how I wanted my tenure at CNN to come to a close, but I have previously explained why and how I assisted my brother in his situation.

“To summarize, as frustrating as this is, I couldn’t be more proud of the Cuomo Prime Time crew and the work we performed as CNN’s number one program in the most competitive time slot in the country during this time period. I owe them all a debt of gratitude, and I shall miss that particular group of people who contributed much to society.”

Translations of his interview with state authorities indicated that the CNN star said he would contact media sources in order to find out if any fresh accusers came forward before going public with their allegations.


After abandoning its libertarian base in 2012 and 2014, CNN failed to capitalize on the liberty movement that followed. They also failed to include any of the fathers who were wrongly accused of assaulting their children during custody disputes in the United States. The feminist and globalist movements, as well as corrupt District Attorneys and George Soros, were backed instead. The same goes for MSNBC, CBS, and ABC. We, the people of the United States, are not foolish. Despite the fact that Fox has lost a significant portion of its fan base, it remains the only corporate entity that is not a feminist anti-family network.

In the case of the ladies Chris researched while utilizing his professional resources and contacts, CNN and its management should be personally liable in civil court. Because it has now been discovered that there are extremely significant quantities of papers, messages, emails, and other evidence demonstrating what he was doing on his brother’s behalf, CNN should be required to compensate him.

NBC News president Jeff Zucker informed workers of the firing via an internal message, in which he stated that “it goes without saying that these decisions are not easy, and there are a lot of complex variables involved.”

When asked about the charges leveled against his brother during a SiriusXM interview this week, Chris Cuomo responded by stating, “The game has its own set of standards.”

In addition, “one of the main ideas is that you can fight against the opposing party, and you can fight against the media,” Chris Cuomo stated. “But only if you have your party,” Cuomo said. In Andrew’s case, his political party was implementing a rule against him, which stated that if you have allegations, you have issues, and you don’t get to thoroughly examine the claims, nor do you get to go up against your accusers.”

According to Mediaite, Chris Cuomo stated that his brother’s departure was forced in part because “he had the Republicans loathing him” and because “the media never really loved him.” Chris Cuomo is the brother of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo.


According to Cuomo, “it is excessive.” As a result, he was forced to step down. I did not want him to quit in the outset because I had faith in his ability to lead. … But finally, when there was no longer going to be due process, and his party was against him, and it was clear that the Republicans were not going to assist him, he had no choice but to resign because he could no longer perform the functions of the state.”

After being suspended by the network earlier this week, Cuomo stated that it “hurts to even say it” and that the decision was “embarrassing.”

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