[VIDEO] Doocy Corners Psaki With His Most TRIGGERING Question Yet… Doesn’t Go Well For Jen

[VIDEO] Doocy Corners Psaki With His Most TRIGGERING Question Yet… Doesn’t Go Well For Jen

Back in 2020, when Joe Biden was carried out of his basement and pretended to “campaign” for the White House, the one and only thing he could talk about was COVID. And while discussing the “pandemic,” which the left has grown to love and obsess over, Joe vowed to beat COVID.


Joe Biden was going to be the “savior the country needed to rid us of the pandemic, and get everything back to normal.

Now, 11 months later, and what do we have?

A so-called “president” with an obvious case of raging Dementia, who can’t string a sentence together, or remember common words and phrases, or people’s names, or where he is half the time, and a “pandemic” that is not only still here, but even worse than it was in 2020.

The death toll in 2021 has now surpassed the death toll in 2020 – BEFORE we had the vaccine.

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Joe Biden has screwed this whole thing up so badly, that with a “vaccine” to help him fight, we’re still worse off than we were before they installed him.

During the second debate, Joe Biden said President Trump didn’t deserve to be “president” because so many people had died under his watch.

Well, here we are 11 months later, and the death toll is much higher under Banana Brains Biden… and that’s where Peter Doocy comes in.

He cornered Psaki, by throwing Biden’s debate quote back in her face, and asked her if that “standard” still applied.



Jen gets visibly triggered, and then blurts out a debunked fake-news lie about Trump telling people to “ingest bleach.”

They are so desperate…


This is the desperate state that the Biden admin is in right now.

They’ve failed so miserably, and have no excuses or answers for it, so they have to rely on debunked fake news to get them through.


It will not work though. The American people are far too “awake” to fall for this cheap nonsense.

Joe Biden had one job to do – beat COVID – and he not only failed, but he also made it worse… and no amount of trying to “blame Trump” will change that or help him weasel out of it.

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