[VIDEO] Trump Supporter “Fixed” Fauci’s Latest CNN Interview to Look and Feel More “Accurate” 

[VIDEO] Trump Supporter “Fixed” Fauci’s Latest CNN Interview to Look and Feel More “Accurate” 

I would say one of the biggest reasons Americans are so leery about this whole COVID show, is because of what a piss-poor “expert” Dr. Fauci turned out to be.


The man has flip-flopped so much, and he either won’t acknowledge it, or he uses the excuse that “science is ever-changing.”

Really? So you told us a year ago that masks were useless, and basically nothing more than a “security blankie,” and now, you want everyone to wear one on an airplane, yet you won’t cite the research that backs that new claim up.

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And it’s not just that issue, it’s been countless issues that Fauci has flipped and flopped on, and why won’t he talk about natural immunity?

We know why… he’s a salesman for big pharma, like everyone else in our government.

Fauci comes off as a fame-chaser and a politicized, partisan hack who isn’t out to “cure” anything but is all about pushing himself and a specific political agenda.


So, one very creative and talented Trump supporter “fixed” Fauci’s latest CNN interview to make it look and feel more “accurate” and I think he did a great job.

You can watch the video below:

I think everyone at CNN should look like this when they “report” on the “news.”


It would be the most honest thing they’ve ever done.

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