[VIDEO] Psaki Says COVID is “Root Cause” For “Smash and Grab” Robberies at Nordstrom and Other Stores

[VIDEO] Psaki Says COVID is “Root Cause” For “Smash and Grab” Robberies at Nordstrom and Other Stores

I am convinced that Joe Biden and his entire “admin” are trolling all of us. Like, this is a really long episode of “Candid Camera,” or “Punked,” and any minute now, someone is going to jump out from behind a wall and tell us it’s all been a hilarious prank.


That’s how it feels because these people are so insane.

I don’t know if it’s that they’re so wildly out of touch, that they can’t compute what’s happening, or if it’s that they’re still stuck with Joe in 90s politics land, and they think they just snow the “stupid “American public. Honestly, I think it’s both.

But this latest comment from Jen Psaki is just so over-the-top outrageous, that it actually caught me off guard.

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I am sure you’re aware of all the “smash and grab” crimes that are happening all over the country in liberal-run cities? Groups of 80 young people bum-rush a store, like Nordstrom or Apple, or Home Depot, and just start stealing everything off the shelves.

In case you don’t know what I am talking about, here’s a video of one:

Honestly, this looks and feels like “Antifa” and BLM have gone into the “smash and grab” business, doesn’t it?

Stuff like this is happening, because Dems are making all these huge pushes to cut back on crime, with bail reform, and defund the police.

Not to mention, how BLM and Antifa have been turning career criminals into heroes.


So, of course, stuff like this will happen. This is the “atmosphere” that Dems have created and cultivated.

But if you ask Jen Psaki why this happening, she’ll tell you that the “root cause” is COVID.

Ha ha ha, what????

I mean, can you believe this?

You can watch the video below:

And people are just disgusted by this propaganda nonsense:

“Jen Psaki = LIAR”

“Yes! They NEED bread from Nordstrom!!!!” 

“I thought Joe’s economy was so great. That’s what CNN keeps telling me” 

“It’s impossible to take these people seriously.”

“I feel like Jen should have circus music playing in the background” 

“Job openings everywhere!!! Why can’t these “looters” get a damn Job? This has nothing to do with covid and everything to do with the lefts obsession with defending criminals & their behavior”

“This whole administration is the worst we’ve seen. It’s not even close.”

“My God, just when you think these fools can’t get more ridiculous, they say something like this” 


Like I said, we’re all stuck in some crazy episode of “Candid Camera,” we just need the guy to jump out and tell us to “smile” at the camera, so we can end this nightmare.

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