[VIDEO] Jill And Joe Botch Entrance to Their Own Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

[VIDEO] Jill And Joe Botch Entrance to Their Own Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Will there ever be a time when Joe can do anything without botching it up?


And that’s a serious question – because as it stands now, he can’t. Everything this man touches turns into a fiasco of varying degrees. Some situations are absolutely horrific, while others just make you groan and think, “How many more years of this do we have to go through?”

It’s embarrassing. 

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But no matter what, every single thing that Joe does or doesn’t do, is a reminder of how he isn’t fit to hold office.

It’s like watching some confused nursing home patient, wandering around looking for the “steak dinner” buffet.

It’s both sad and infuriating.

It’s sad because we’re all humans and we don’t want to see people suffering, but it’s infuriating because they installed Joe Biden into this position with an obvious cognitive disorder, and he’s making a mockery of the presidency.

He and Jill can’t even enter their own Christmas tree lighting ceremony like normal people.

After they introduced them, it took Joe and Jill an awkward two-long minutes to make their way onto the stage.

You wonder what the hold-up was, right? Was Joe confused, did he have an accident? These are the things that run through people’s heads.


Once there, things got more awkward. A confused Joe Biden had to ask rapper and master of ceremonies LL Cool J, where he was supposed to speak – even though a podium with a microphone and a presidential seal was literally right in front of him.

Good lord…

Biden enters his own Christmas tree lighting two minutes after being introduced, salutes the crowd, points at the microphone behind the presidential seal and asks, “Do I speak from here?”

You can watch the video below:

It shouldn’t be this way, folks.


The so-called “President of the United States” should be able to walk out on a stage in a timely fashion after he’s announced and know what a podium and microphone are, and recognize the “presidential seal,” and understand that’s where he’s speaking from, without asking for help.

America deserves better than this. It’s the White House, not a memory care facility.

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