[VIDEO] Biden Makes Confusing and Awkward “Joke” About Dr. Fauci Being The “Real President”

[VIDEO] Biden Makes Confusing and Awkward “Joke” About Dr. Fauci Being The “Real President”

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Joe Biden is “joking” or if he’s having another cognitive episode. I try to give the man the benefit of the doubt, but he’s so confused and befuddled most of the time that it’s hard to do.


So, when I saw this clip, at first I thought, “oh, he’s trying to make a silly joke,” but then by the end of the clip, I wasn’t so sure it was “joke” after all.

Joe Biden is trying to make it seem like he’s working really hard and tirelessly on this COVID mess. He’s in big trouble, because the 2021 death toll under his watch, is now higher than President Trump’s, and Trump didn’t have a vaccine like Joe does. Whatever Joe’s doing it isn’t working, but it looks like he’s doubling down on his failed polices with more mandates and masks and all that garbage that is basically PROVEN not to work.

Biden was telling a group of people that he’s so busy with COVID, that he sees Dr. Fauci more than he sees Jill. I highly doubt that; as Jill is his nursemaid, but obviously Joe was trying to be a “funny guy,” which could be deemed “inappropriate,” since COVID isn’t a “laughing matter.”

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And then Biden took the joke a step further and suggest that the “real president” was not him, it was actually Dr. Fauci, a man who the American people have lost confidence in, and who has lied to Congress. A man who now claims he IS “science,” and who has politicized this virus and flip-flopped all over the place.

Not to mention, there are many people who believe Fauci had something nefarious to do with the creation of this virus.

People also believe that if Fauci had been fired a long time ago, we’d all be better off.

So, Fauci is probably not the person you want to “joke” about running the country, especially when he’s made so many “suggestions” that have destroyed people’s lives.

Either way, even as a joke this was inappropriate, since there are so many questions about who is really “running” this country, thanks to Joe’s mental state.


Even Josh Hawley, found the “joke” odd.

Here are some comments from people online:

“Sadly, he isn’t lying. Fauci probably is running the country.” 

“Fauci and Susan Rice are running the show.” 

“I don’t think Biden really knows who the president is.”

“Oops, am I the President?”

“Kidding? Fauci tells him what to do and say – and Brandon does and says it.”

“so many “no jokes” from this guy”

“Every joke has a bit of a truth in it”

“Brandon is not in charge…”

“Somebody must be calling the shots. Brandon is mentally incapable.”

“What an idiotic thing to joke about when the majority of the country doen’t think your in charge” 

“people already don’t trust Joe and his decisions and he’s joking that he’s not in charge? lol what an idiot” 

Clearly, Biden’s Handlers do not tell him a lot about polling or how he’s perceived by the American people. I don’t think he could understand it, even if they told him.


But these comments are right – when the county has lost faith in your abilities, “joking” that you’re not even the one in charge, is a terrible idea.

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