Press Pool Traveling Last Night With Joe Biden to “Imperfecto Restaurant” Report More Serious Inconstancies 

Press Pool Traveling Last Night With Joe Biden to “Imperfecto Restaurant” Report More Serious Inconstancies 

If you want confusing messaging, and hypocritical nonsense about COVID, you need not look any further than Joe Biden. He’s literally the worst “salesman” for a vaccine, and when it comes to “leading” on this so-called “pandemic,” nobody is worse than Joe Biden – except maybe Dr. Fauci.

Okay, they’re tied for last place. 


But you get the picture – Biden is a walking/talking (barely talking) disaster.

You remember when he went on CNN’s town hall last July and told the world if they took the COVID vaccine they wouldn’t catch the virus, right?

Well, he was wrong about that.

Then he said that if you take the vaccine, you won’t end up in the hospital. Well, he was wrong about that, too.

Then he said if you take the vaccine you won’t end up dead. Well, he was also wrong about that.

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Joe is wrong about a lot of things.

And who can blame him? He’s almost 80-years-old, and he has an obvious raging case of Dementia or Alzheimer’s, so logically speaking, nobody should follow this buffoon’s advice on anything, except maybe which pudding flavor to eat.

Even so, we’re forced to sit here and listen to the incoherent ramblings of a man who should be sipping a cup of warm milk under a quilt somewhere.

But it actually gets worse… not only is Joe incoherent but have you heard him lately? He sounds like he has the “OMIDELTA 2.0 COVID” virus.

Seriously, he sounds like death warmed over.

Just listen to how sick Joe sounded yesterday, as he took a bizarre “victory lap” over the worst jobs report he’s gotten yet.


Sounds and looks like the picture of good health, right? Why on earth would the Handlers allow him to stand before the American people in that state, sounding like the Poster Boy for the pandemic?

Good lord…

But Joe is still pushing his vaccines and his masks.

cough, cough, cough, cough.


And allow me to remind you that just over a week ago, Biden was vacationing at a $30-million-dollar estate and went on a shopping trip inside a store. The store had an enormous sign advertising their MASK MANDATE.

But did Joe wear a mask inside?

Of course not.


And he’s at it again. According to the press pool, SICKLY Joe, who says he caught a “cold” from his grandson (sure bet) was out and about last night in DC, and of course, he wasn’t wearing his mask indoors, only outside, for the cameras.

Look, I believe Dr. Fauci, who once said these flimsy masks do nothing to stop a virus, but Joe Biden clearly believes they “help,” why else would he mandate them for federal peasants to wear? So, if he believes they work, why isn’t he wearing one, especially while he’s sick?

Think about it – we’ve got this sickly, confused old man shuffling around DC, and refusing to wear a mask, even though he says they’re supposedly so important to stop the spread of this “Omicron” variant and he’s also insisting the rest of us wear one.

But Joe doesn’t play by those rules. Even while coughing and sniffling all over the place, Joe doesn’t stay home or “cover-up” his face.

Here’s what the White House pool reporters had to say:


“The president goes out: I was with the press pool, and we waited outside Imperfecto restaurant for him. My colleague @justinsink says he saw him inside the restaurant through a window, and the president was not wearing a mask. Outside, in front of the cameras, he wore one.

Once again, it’s impossible to take these political elites seriously over a “pandemic” that they don’t seem to be the least bit worried about.

We’re watching a feeble old man who is sick right now, walk around a crowded restaurant, mask-free, while some supposedly spooky new variant hits the US.


A lot of things aren’t adding up folks, and it’s time we stop listening to the hypocrites and start thinking for ourselves and our families.

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