DUPREE: FAILURE! Biden Promised To Shut Down The Virus If Elected

DUPREE: FAILURE! Biden Promised To Shut Down The Virus If Elected

So why does it seem like it’s March 2020 all over again when we’re less than a month away from entering the year 2022?

The new Omicron form of Covid-19 is the subject of intense coverage on cable news networks. They are hellbent on frightening the very daylights out of any unwary viewer who happens to unintentionally turn on one of their programs by accident. To be honest, the media appears to be following the president’s lead. A seven-day self-quarantine for all tourists arriving on our shores, regardless of vaccination status, including US citizens and permanent residents, according to the Washington Post, is being considered by the Biden administration, according to the newspaper’s sources. Travel restrictions, which fell out of favor under the Trump administration because they were perceived as “xenophobic,” have recently returned to fashion.


All of this begs the question: didn’t Joe Biden make a pledge to shut down the virus in the first place?

“I’m not going to shut down the nation,” then-candidate Biden — or whomever was in charge of his Twitter account at the time — declared with pride in October 2020. I have no intention of shutting down the economy. “I’m going to take care of the infection,” says the author. Yes, you are correct. In the process of eating ice cream, wearing sunglasses, and saying things like “God love ya,” Joe was going to shut down the infection completely.

That particular tweet, however, has aged roughly in tandem with the president. The Keystone XL Pipeline is the only project that Biden has halted since entering office in January.

Despite the fact that we are eleven months into the Biden administration, more individuals have died from Covid under Joe’s watch than during his predecessor’s. Counting and comparing fatalities in order to gain political points may seem macabre and counterproductive. However, the opposite is true. I’d say that’s correct. However, given that Biden enthusiastically employed similar strategy during a 2020 discussion with Trump, it is only fair that he be held to the same standard.

The death toll in the United States stands at 220,000. If you hear nothing more from me tonight, pay attention to this. Anyone who is responsible for not taking control — in fact, without declaring, “I take no responsibility,” at the time — anyone who is responsible for that many fatalities should not be allowed to continue serving as President of the United States of America,” says President Obama.

Someone should have reminded Joe that, as Jen Psaki always emphasizes, context is critical when making decisions.

When the coronavirus initially infected people in the United States, Donald Trump was president of the United States. The situation provided Biden and his army of trained seals in the media with an ideal chance to do what they do best: Monday-morning quarterback all of Orange Man’s decisions on national television.

Despite the fact that President Trump was dealing with an unknown quantity, his detractors didn’t care. Each and every action he took was incorrect in the eyes of the political left.


The fact that he predicted that a vaccine will be available by the end of this year was mocked. He was absolutely correct. Because of his decision to restrict flights from China and Europe, he has been branded a bigot. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institutes of Health, eventually acknowledged that Trump’s choice had saved lives. He was even labeled a conspiracy theorist after he suggested that the virus may have originated at the Wuhan lab rather than a wet market in Wuhan, as had been previously suggested. When Jon Stewart said the same thing some months later, he was showered with fawning attention from the media. And for a person who was dealing with so many unknowns, Trump was remarkably on the money.

None of this mattered to Joe, who was filled with compassion. It was Orange Man’s fault, and he was responsible for the fatalities that occurred. There is no joking about it.

Is Biden still standing by that declaration now that he has reached his own gloomy milestone of his own? According to a story published last week in the Wall Street Journal, Biden has overseen more than 350,000 Covid fatalities since taking office.

When he scuffled into the White House on January 21, Biden had a number of significant advantages over his opponent. It was owing in no little part to Operation Warp Speed that the Covid-19 vaccinations were produced and were already being delivered throughout the country. When it came to understanding how the virus propagated and who was most at danger of becoming critically ill, the medical community had significantly more knowledge. To put it another way, no one, with the exception of perhaps Barack Obama, anticipated Joe Biden would be able to derail the Obama administration’s agenda. We miscalculated his abilities.

The president is babbling on about Cabbage Patch Kids and filming TikTok videos with Bill Nye the Science Guy this week, rather than confronting his own shortcomings or answering concerns about his unfulfilled promises.

The rest of his government, meanwhile, is hard at work preparing the American people for Pandemic 2.0. As these officials begin giving fresh restrictions and warning us that “nothing is off the table” in order to limit the spread of the virus, most individuals are experiencing symptoms similar to those of the flu they had last year.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is back to his round-the-clock appearances on MSNBC and CNN, where he gives his thoughts on Rand Paul, Christmas parties, and booster injections, among other topics.

Elective procedures are being postponed by hospitals.

Politicians have also resorted to what they consider to be their favorite pastime: imposing regulations that they have absolutely no intention of following. Governor Gavin Newsom prolonged California’s state of emergency before departing for a luxurious vacation in Mexico that would cost $29,000 per night. My guess is that Omicron’s dread of him put a damper on his trip.


Obviously, the media’s overreactions and the hypocrisy of the ruling class are nothing new. However, therein lays the dilemma. Biden made a vow to do something different. He vowed to put a stop to the infection, but he has failed to deliver on that promise in any manner. Being forced to listen to Biden talk about vaccines, quarantines, and masks is like watching the opening scene of a horrible movie you’ve watched many times before.

Here’s a word of advise for my fellow citizens of the United States: life is too short to suffer through the same mediocre movie twice.




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