[VIDEO] Jussie Smollett Abandoned The Whole “MAGA Hate Crime” And Has a Totally New Story Now

[VIDEO] Jussie Smollett Abandoned The Whole “MAGA Hate Crime” And Has a Totally New Story Now

The Jussie Smollett trial is underway in Chicago, and as with most “liberal” things, it’s turned into a three-ring circus.


What Jussie did, in faking the hate crime is disgusting and has long-lasting repercussions, and he should be shamed and punished. But what he’s doing now, to try to save himself, is a hilarious clown show.

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Jussie has abandoned the whole “MAGA hate crime” story that he once told. Remember that doozy?


Since that “story” no longer works, now that we all know his two buddies “attacked” him, Jussie has changed his whole story around and ditched the “hate crime” part.

It’s no longer about two white guys in MAGA hats who attacked him with bleach and a noose, yelling “This is MAGA country!”… now, it’s about two black guys who knew him, but didn’t like him, and who decided to “attack” him.

But what about that $3,500 dollar check Jussie wrote for the brothers that they cashed?

Oh, he’s got a story for that too… apparently, he employed the two guys who “hate” him as his personal trainers, and also helped them with their “music video,” and that’s what the check was for.


Good lord…

And nobody finds this new story funnier than Dinesh D’Souza, who has all the details on Jussie’s new saga.

Watch (comments on Jussie’s “new story” start around 3:26 mark):

Jussie’s new story could be a hard sell, though.


Turns out there’s a video that captured the trio doing a practice “dry-run” of the hate hoax a day before the alleged attack.

Jussie faces up to three years in prison, but most experts don’t believe he’ll get anything even close to that. He’ll likely get parole and community service.

And while I believe he should have to go to prison for what he did, I understand the absurd two-tier justice system we’re working with and how liberals get special privilege the rest of us don’t.

Still, getting the conviction on him will be well worth it.

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