REPORT: There’s One Damning Reason Harris Staffers Are Dropping Like Flies and Kamala Definitely Won’t Like It

REPORT: There’s One Damning Reason Harris Staffers Are Dropping Like Flies and Kamala Definitely Won’t Like It

Kamala’s little fraudulent “VP” empire is collapsing like a cheap house of cards.

One of her top aides is leaving. Symone Sanders, who you may remember as the person who literally “tackled” a radical left-wing protester at a Biden event during the Dem primary, is rumored to be leaving because they supposedly flushed her out as the person leaking dirt about Kamala to CNN.


And while that may sound terrible, the reason two other aides are leaving is even worse, if you can believe that.

The rumors goes that the other two aides are leaving because they don’t want to be associated with the “Harris Titanic.” Seriously, they don’t want to be aligned with her, especially with 2024 just around the corner.

That’s how bad Kamala is.

Daily Wire reported that according to a report, “Concern about being permanently branded a ‘Harris person’” is one of the reasons staffers are considering leaving Kamala Harris, as they don’t want to be seen as being aligned with her in case another Democratic candidate decides to run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2024.

“[S]ome Harris staffers want to work on Biden’s reelection campaign, while others don’t want to be aligned with Harris in the event another promising Democrat runs for president in 2024,” Axios reported on Friday, adding, “There’s been an inordinate amount of disarray — and, now, turnover — throughout her tenure. Her allies say she has a terrific chance to reset and downplay the early stumbles. But top Biden officials privately roll their eyes at her team, and want to see smoother, more effective leadership.”

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One “Democratic operative close to the vice president’s office” told Axios that the recent notices given by Harris’ chief spokesperson Symone Sanders and communications director Ashley Etienne that they were leaving puts pressure on Harris’ chief of staff, Tina Flournoy. The source purportedly told Axios, “If we mess this up, it’s going to set women back when it comes to running for higher office for years to come.”

Eighty-one million votes, folks.


We’re to believe that a woman, who is so wildly unpopular, that her own staff is running for the hills to escape any “relation to her name,” and a so-called “president” with tanking approvals in the mid-’30s won the most historic election in the history of our nation?


They expect us to believe that Joe Biden is more beloved than Barack Obama and President Trump.


Do you believe that?

Nobody with any sense believes that nonsense.

They must really think we’re stupid.

But it’s all coming back on them tenfold because cheaters never prosper.

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