Mass Exodus: 2 More Top Aides Abandon Kamala, and Rumors Swirl One Big Gun Was “Leaking Dirt” to CNN

Mass Exodus: 2 More Top Aides Abandon Kamala, and Rumors Swirl One Big Gun Was “Leaking Dirt” to CNN

It was big news when we heard that Symone Sanders was leaving Team Kamala. Sanders was a fixture on the Biden campaign trail, working as his spokesperson, and many thought they would give her the press secretary job. But that didn’t happen, Jen Psaki got it and, Symone was shuffled over to Team Kamala where she served as her press secretary — which was like being a part of the witness protection program because you never heard from her again.


Swamp insiders said Symone was angry and frustrated over the snubbing from Team Joe.

The Root reported on the “snub” by saying:

Symone Sanders, a senior adviser to Vice President Harris, put her reputation and her life on the line trying to propel then-candidate Joe Biden into the White House, so the least he could’ve done was throw her the White House press secretary job. But that job ended up going to a white woman, Jen Psaki

You’ll recall Symone actually tackled a radical left-wing protester who tried to get on stage at a Biden event during the Dem primary.

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Well, now, we’re hearing some interesting buzz from the DC rumor mill about Ms. Sanders and the “real reason” she is leaving Kamala’s team.

Huan Events editor Jack Posobiec, who’s famous for having some of the best and most reliable “White House” sources in the biz, tweeted out a “breaking” tweet about Ms. Sanders, that claims she was pushed out of the White House because they blamed her for the recent hit piece CNN ran on Kamala.


Here’s what Jack said in a tweet: “BREAKING: Sy Sanders got pushed out of the WH because they blamed her for being the source of CNN’s Kamala hit piece, per WH staffer”

And if you thought that was bad, things just got worse for Team Kamala.

Two more top aides are saying “see ya” to the VP’s sinking ship.

The Hill reported that two more aides working in Vice President Harris’s office are expected to leave their roles in the coming weeks in addition to the two high-profile exits of her press secretary and communications director, a source familiar with the departures confirmed to The Hill

Peter Velz, who is the vice president’s director of press operations, and Vince Evans, the deputy director of the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for Harris, are planning to leave those positions soon, the source confirmed.

These are more “communications” aides, which tells me they could also have been leaking to the press…

The piece goes on to say that Harris’ office declined to comment. The Washington Post first reported on their impending exits.

The departure of Velz and Evans, who are expected to take new jobs in or close to the Biden administration, comes on the heels of news that Symone Sanders, Harris’s press secretary, will leave the administration.

Also, interesting that they’re moving over to Team Biden, too. I will tell you, the DC Swamp is like a royal court, just filled with gossip, rumors, and backstabbing jerks.

Of course, White House officials suggested Sanders had long planned to leave at the end of 2021 – but they always say that stuff.

This is yet another devastating blow to Harris, who is dealing with a “career nightmare” at the moment.

Questions about her ability to lead are swirling everywhere, as her poll numbers dip to an embarrassing 28 percent, even after she hired a “crisis PR team” to help polish up her image.

Axios just put out a piece explaining why these aides are abandoning ship, and it’s really bad news for Kamala.

Burnout, better opportunities and concern about being permanently branded a “Harris person” is driving some of the turnover in Vice President Kamala Harris’s office, people familiar with the situation tell Axios.

Why it matters: Harris is not only a heartbeat from the presidency but, by virtue of her office, the presumed 2024 frontrunner if President Biden doesn’t seek re-election. There’s been an inordinate amount of disarray — and, now, turnover — throughout her tenure.

The DC Swamp has been ripe with rumors that Team Joe is trying to kick Kamala to the curb, in hopes they can replace her with Mayor Pete as the potential 2024 nominee.


Mayor Pete, the man who left his job for two months and nobody even noticed he was gone, has an abysmal 38 percent approval, thanks to the supply chain mess, but that’s still 10-points better than Kamala’s lowly numbers.

Grab your popcorn, I have a feeling we’re just getting geared up and more feathers will be flying.



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