An Open Letter to Kamala Harris: You’re a Staffer, Not The Star Of This Show

An Open Letter to Kamala Harris: You’re a Staffer, Not The Star Of This Show

Kamala Harris is a mess right now.

But don’t be fooled, it’s not just her, the entire admin is a complete and total clown show.


But right now, the focus is on Kamala, because her approval rating is so low, and because of the “war” everyone says is ongoing between her and Joe. Also, there’s apparently a side war going on between Kamala and her staff, who are dropping like flies right now. And on their way out the door, they’re calling Kamala an unprepared bully and failure.

Kamala is jockeying for a position in an administration that is sinking faster than the Titanic, so she’s got double the work cut out for her: trying to stay afloat while looking for a place on the life raft.

And as it stands now, she’s going under.

Glub, glub, glub.

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And while she goes under, liberals are standing on the sidelines, furious.

One writer for the San Francisco Examiner actually wrote an “open letter” to Kamala. It wasn’t long, only three-paragraph, but it packs a punch.

First, swallow your pride and adapt to the job. You’re essentially a presidential staffer, not the star of the show. You signed up for this. The president needs support and stability, not tantrums and turmoil. With the Republican Party working full time to thwart him, Biden can’t afford Machiavellian treachery from his own team.

Second, stop bleeding staff. It’s not like the old days, when we resigned in respectful silence. Today’s disgruntled aides run simulcasts in Politico and the New York Times. Get a grip on the management issues and stop the cycle of dysfunction, or it will permanently define (and disqualify) you.

Finally, don’t worry about becoming president. Worry about whether you can handle the job if it lands on you. You’re one heartbeat from the Oval Office at a dangerous moment. The future of American democracy is at stake. Fate may yet test your mettle. Whining over photo ops and squabbling with staff makes you look unprepared. If you can’t unite your own office, how will you unite a divided country?


One thing I will say about the letter is it gives us some interesting insight into how liberals are panicking.

And boy, are they panicking. They can see the writing on the wall.

For as much as they try to make excuses for Joe Biden, and brush off all his failures and blunders, deep down they know how bad things really are.

And by the sound of this letter, they also know they don’t really have any options.


Kamala won’t take this advice, even if she saw it. Her ego is too big. She can’t believe she’s playing second fiddle to a man who doesn’t know where he is half the time.

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