Kamala Harris’s Top Aide Posts a Bizarre Photo and Weird Tweet That Raises Many Eyebrows

Kamala Harris’s Top Aide Posts a Bizarre Photo and Weird Tweet That Raises Many Eyebrows

Things have gotten so bad for Kamala Harris, on all fronts, but especially with her staff, that now, after so many have jumped ship and called her a disheveled bully, one top staffer thought it’d be a good idea to post a weird photo and an even weirder message.


David Gans, an operations director for Kamala, introduced himself to the Twitter world, by posting a photo of himself at work and a bizarre message that has a total “hostage” vibe to it.

While Kamala is reeling from bad staffing press, I understand she’d want to get ahead of the story and try to change the energy, but desperate, staged, and bizarre tweets like this are not the way to do it – especially when Kamala herself suffers so much from talk of “phoniness and desperation.”

Tweets like this only help to validate those presumptions.

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Here’s what David said: “Hi. My name is David Gins. I work for Vice President Harris on behalf of the American people as Deputy Director for Operations and absolutely love my job. Just thought some of you should know”

And what is that gigantic off-center framed photo of Kamala hovering over a desk in the background?


This is just all kinds of wrong.

Needless to say, the comments were swift and harsh, and some were quite funny, like this one I found from former Newsmax host John Cardillo.


Here are some other comments from folks online:

“She was so unpopular during Democrat Presidential Primaries, she was the 1st to drop out. Tusli Gabbard won more delegates.”

“Blink twice if you need us to call the authorities, David”

“All that’s missing is an hooded ISIS fighter standing next to him with a knife”

“Everything these people do turns into a sideshow”

“Kamala needs to hire new advisors, the ones she’s got must be secretly working for Trump”

“Who thought this was a good idea? Find them, and fire them. ASAP”

“This has got to be the cringiest administration in the history of the galaxy”

“I imagine nervous Kamala is the one taking the pic. ‘SMILE DAVID. MAKE SURE YOU SMILE. YOU’RE NOT SMILING ENOUGH!”

There are also some funny memes:

And one very observant Trump supporter wondered how David could do his job as an “operations” director if he couldn’t even keep his cables straight.

They really are a mess.

Having come from a PR background, I find it hard to believe that Kamala actually hired a “crisis PR” team to help polish her image.

It’s actually gotten worse since those reports came out.


I agree with that one Twitter user – sounds like the people working for Kamala are undercover MAGA.

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