WH Source Says Kamala’s Staff Was “Encouraged” to Post Flattering Tweets About Her

WH Source Says Kamala’s Staff Was “Encouraged” to Post Flattering Tweets About Her

Kamala’s director of operations put out a bizarre and uncomfortable tweet on Sunday, where he introduced himself, and then said he loved his job and that he just thought some of us should know.



The bizarre message came on the heels of Kamala’s growing issues with staffing. Her top aides are dropping like flies and sources say that Kamala is a bully who doesn’t know what she’s doing and rips into her staff, and blames them because she’s ill-prepared and keeps screwing up.

So, right after all that hubbub, this strange tweet pops up. It felt like a hostage being forced at gunpoint to write a message… and well, turns out it kinda was.

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Mediaite reporter Jon Nicosia says that his White House sources are saying staffers are now being “encouraged” to post flattering tweets about working for Kamala.

Here’s what Joh said: “SOURCE: VP Kamala Harris’ staff were “encouraged to show genuine support publicly and that support would be remembered” the source goes on to say “unfortunately the Gins tweet worked against that mission”


Nothing this woman does is real or honorable. It’s all fake. She’s such a fraud.

Here are comments from some people online:

“So this was consistent with Harris’ political instincts: terrible” 

“Lousy way to show fake support. No one can deal with her.” 

“She is truly a disaster.”

“We’re hiring sycophantic soy pajama boys to work there now? God help us.”

“How embarrassing these idiots are. They can’t do anything right” 

“HA! He looks like he’s being held hostage making a propaganda video for his captors… Kamala is the Big Cringe and so are her staff…”

Kamala is an interesting bird.

She’s spent her life being whomever and whatever she needed to be in order to get ahead in her career.

Now, ironically, here she is, installed into the second-highest position in the country, and she’s completely incapable of being a “real” and doesn’t have the know-how or security to do the job she’s been given.


And it shows… every single day.

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