So Cool! - “Let’s Go Brandon” Store Opens For Business In Massachusetts

So Cool! - “Let’s Go Brandon” Store Opens For Business In Massachusetts

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

There is now a “Let’s Go Brandon” store in the Massachusetts town of North Attleboro, which is not far from the Rhode Island state line, according to the company.

According to WJAR-TV in Providence, Rhode Island, the retail shop sells “Let’s Go Brandon” goods such as caps, t-shirts, and yard signs, among other things.


The store’s outside sign, which comprises sets of checkered flags in the form of motor racing, was captured by the station and shared on social media.

A number of other retailers have also made efforts to capitalize on the slogan. According to KVLY-TV in Fargo, North Dakota, the bakery at Palubicki’s Family Market in Fosston, Minnesota, sells “Let’s Go Brandon” cookies, which are named after Brandon, the Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback.

The phrase gained popularity on the internet in early October after an NBC Sports reporter covering a NASCAR Xfinity Series race reported incorrectly that fans were chanting “Let’s go, Brandon!” after a victory by driver Brandon Brown, when in fact they were chanting “F—- Joe Biden!” after the victory.


Memes, jokes, and comments were rapidly shared throughout the internet by people, who were either mocking NBC’s broadcast of the interview or criticizing Joe Biden’s performance. The more obscene anti-Biden chants have been replaced by the less R-rated “Let’s go, Brandon” shouts at college football games and other gatherings in recent years.

Democrat Tennessee state Rep. Gloria Johnson tweeted last month that she feels the anti-Biden chant “should be treated in the same way that burning the flag” should be punished.

Some Republicans, on the other hand, have embraced the expression. Example: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis selected the town of Brandon in his state’s southeast region last month for a bill-signing ceremony in a thinly veiled dig at President Donald Trump’s administration.

It was unclear whether any more “Let’s Go Brandon” stores will be launching in the Providence region in the near future.



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