MA Cop Who Shared His Lunch With Homeless Woman, Just Lost His Job and Pension Over Vaccine

MA Cop Who Shared His Lunch With Homeless Woman, Just Lost His Job and Pension Over Vaccine

It’s really disheartening for many Americans to sit back and watch people lose their jobs over this virus and vaccine. It’s also doubly difficult to watch this all unfold while the vaccine isn’t even working like they promised it would.


Early on, they marketed the vaccine as a way to get back to “normal.” Joe Biden went on national TV and told all of us that if we took the vaccine, we wouldn’t get COVID.

Of course, that wasn’t true, so they’ve moved the goal post. Now, we’re told if we get the vaccine and catch COVID it will be a “milder” case.

However, COVID is already “mild” for most people, regardless of vax status.

This makes watching Americans get fired really hard.

And speaking of that, I found a story that’s a real kick in the gut.

A Massachusetts State Trooper by the name of Luke Bonin, who became famous six years ago, when he was photographed sharing his lunch with a homeless woman, just lost everything – his job, pension, all of it, because he wouldn’t take the jab.

Stomach turning…

Western Journal reported that the state trooper was photographed Bonin in 2016 dressed in a suit following a court appearance, sitting on the bumper of a patrol car and eating lunch with a panhandler in Fall River.

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He had seen a homeless woman, so he went to Sonic to buy two lunches and came back to where the woman was. Spotting the patrol car, she thought she was about to be ordered to move on, but she quickly learned Bonin just wanted to share a meal and conversation.

Despite Bonin’s reticence toward publicity, Massachusetts was proud of him.

The Massachusetts State Police posted the photo on their Facebook page, saying: “Yes, Trooper Bonin … We know you didn’t want to be noticed, but you were, and the job is proud of you … We have extraordinary troopers on the Massachusetts State Police who conduct themselves honorably, and perform selfless acts, every day. Most times, it goes unnoticed. But not this day.”

But he’s a hero no more; the state fired him.


Of course, Officer Bonin isn’t the only great cop, or nurse, or factory worker, or delivery guy, etc., etc., who is losing his or her job over this virus, that has already taken so much from us.

This shouldn’t be happening, this is not how to handle this virus, everything we’ve done thus far has been wrong, but these so-called “leaders” and “experts” just keep pushing failed ideas over and over and if we don’t stand on the sidelines “cheering” them on, we get brutally punished.


We need to vote these monsters out of office before they absolutely destroy every last inch of this country.

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