No Respect! Ghislaine Maxwell Defense Asks Accuser Can You Cry On Demand?

No Respect! Ghislaine Maxwell Defense Asks Accuser Can You Cry On Demand?

The sex trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, a friend of Jeffrey Epstein’s, entered its third day on Wednesday, with Maxwell’s defense counsel questioning one of the women who have accused Maxwell of sexual assault.

Her trial in federal court in Manhattan is being held on six counts of sex trafficking of minors, including enticing minors to travel in order to engage in illegal sex acts and transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. She was previously married to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and was his former girlfriend at the time of his arrest. Maxwell faces a maximum sentence of 80 years in jail if convicted.

During the course of many hours of testimony, Maxwell’s defense attorney Laura Menninger questioned the accuser, who is speaking under the pseudonym “Jane,” with questions about how well she recalls her adolescent years, when the alleged sexual assault happened. She was accused of contradicting herself on a number of matters, including the extent to which Maxwell was involved in the alleged abuse, according to Menninger, who contrasted what “Jane” told the FBI in past years with her more recent comments.

Menninger interrogated “Jane” on specifics such as whether she recalled whether she was 13 or 14 when she met Epstein, among other things. “Jane” testified that she met the alleged wealthy investment manager when she was 14 years old, at a performing arts summer camp in Michigan, around the time of her 14th birthday.

Menninger further alleged that “Jane” had previously stated that she was unable to recall whether or not Maxwell had ever touched her sexually in the past.

“That’s not correct,” “Jane” said emphatically.

“Jane” went on to say that the first time she saw Maxwell naked was the beginning of the end of the “fun, casual connection I had with her.”

The accuser’s changing account was also called into question by the defense counsel when she went to watch “The Lion King” on Broadway with Epstein and Maxwell, who were there at the time. Previously, “Jane” had stated that the trip took place when she was 14, although the show did not premiere until she was seventeen years old. “Jane” stated in court that she did, in fact, attend the show with Epstein and Maxwell, but that she made a clerical error in her recall of the events.

When asked about the FBI’s notes from her conversations with investigators, she responded, “A lot of material is out of sequence and wrong.” “Please note that this is not a transcript.”

The defense also attempted to demonstrate that “Jane” has a financial motivation to accuse Maxwell of wrongdoing. After “Jane” managed to get away from the assault, Menninger accused her of traveling “on Epstein’s expense.” She also inquired as to if she had ever “cried” because Epstein would only give her $2000 for a teen beauty pageant gown, prompting her to respond affirmatively.

“That’s really ludicrous. “I would never do something like that,” she said.

Menninger then inquired as to whether “Jane” was aware that her assistance in the criminal trial would benefit her then-pending civil action as well as her claim with the Epstein victim fund, which ultimately resulted in her receiving a $5 million reward as a result of her efforts. “Jane” answered by saying she was unaware of this.

Jane’s acting profession was also brought up by the defense, raising the possibility that she may be playing a role on the witness stand. Menninger inquired as to whether she had the ability to “cry on command,” noting that she had previously appeared in a soap opera as a prostitute.

“It’s not my favorite tale,” she said in reply.

Later, prosecutor Alison Moe inquired of “Jane” about her reasons for participating in this trial, which she answered positively.

“Jane” expressed her desire to “maybe finally find some closure to all of this,” referring to the “hurt, trauma, and suffering” she has suffered throughout her life, which she describes as “something that I have been fleeing from my entire life.”

When she talked about the money she received from the Epstein victims fund, she burst into tears and had to be helped.

The woman’s voice cracked as she stated, “I wish I had never gotten that money in the first place because of what transpired.”

Immediately following “Jane,” the state called its third witness, a man who went by the alias “Matt,” and who happens to be “Jane’s” ex-boyfriend. From 2006 through 2014, the two were together for eight years. When “Jane” told “Matt” about Epstein’s sexual abuse of her following Epstein’s first sex offender conviction in Florida 2008, he described Epstein as a type of “godfather” to her and told him about Epstein’s sexual abuse of her.

“Matt” testified that “Jane” informed him and her mother that the money Epstein provided her “wasn’t f***ing free,” and that he and her mother were both shocked.

During his testimony in court, he stated, “I couldn’t understand why her mother would allow her to go and be with a man alone.”

When Maxwell was detained, “Matt” inquired of “Jane” as to whether Maxwell was the lady “Jane” had said him was there at Epstein’s house and had made her feel more comfortable, and “Jane” acknowledged that she was the woman she had claimed was present and had made her feel more comfortable.

With the exception of a few occasions when she sat extremely motionless and slid into her chair, Maxwell looked to be in a calm state in court on Wednesday. She was dressed in an army green sweater and black pants, and she engaged in regular conversation with her attorneys and others in the gallery, expressing herself with a flurry of lively hand motions. A few hours before the trial began again in the morning, she gathered some documents and beckoned a lawyer over to provide her one of his pens. In between meetings, she embraced her attorney and spoke with her elder sister Isabel for a few minutes during a break.

“Jane” concluded her testimony and got down from the witness stand. Maxwell stood there looking at her as she went out of the courtroom, turning her head to look out the door.




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