REPORT: Vatican Source Tells Newsmax Pope Francis is Dying

REPORT: Vatican Source Tells Newsmax Pope Francis is Dying

A Vatican source has told Newsmax that Pope Francis is dying.


The source says that the Pontiff will not live past 2022, and The Vatican is now preparing for the conclave.

For those who don’t know, a papal conclave is a gathering of the College of Cardinals convened to elect a bishop of Rome, also known as the pope. Catholics consider the pope to be the apostolic successor of Saint Peter and the earthly head of the Catholic Church.

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Reporter John Gizzi says that he has spoken to the secretary of one of the most powerful Cardinals at The Vatican, who shared the news about the Pope’s grave health.

The piece goes on to say that Pope Francis is 84-years-old, and he has been ill for quite some time. Also, many people believe he isn’t right in his mind, either. You’ll recall, last July, the Pope spent 10 days in the hospital, for a “colon issue.”

But many suspected that it was much worse than that.

People started whispering about cancer.


Newsmax’s source says Vatican officials are in pre-conclave sessions as we speak.


While it’s sad that the man is dying, many hope that his replacement will be a traditional Catholic, not a progressive globalist who pushes open borders, climate change, and gets involved in politics.

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