Obama’s Former Doctor Has a Dire Prediction About Dems and New Variant

Obama’s Former Doctor Has a Dire Prediction About Dems and New Variant

Obama’s former WH doctor is now a congressman in Texas.

Ronny Jackson has been a thorn in Obama’s side, and now, he’s an even bigger one in Joe’s side.


You’ll recall, that Dr. Jackson is the man who’s been rallying to get Joe Biden to take a cognitive test. He believes that Mr. Biden is suffering from some severe cognitive issues.

And according to new polling, most of America agrees with him.

Here’s what he said in a recent tweet:

“I’m CONVINCED that Biden isn’t the one running the country. Every single day his cognitive decline is on full display. There’s no possible way he’s calling the shots. If he was 100% mentally fit, he would’ve had a cognitive exam – but he didn’t! They’re HIDING something!”

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Now, Dr. Jackson has turned his attention to another medical issue that he knows a lot about.


Dr. Jackson believes Dems have big plans for the new variant that just splashed on the scene. It’s from South Africa, and officials over there say the variant is “mild,” and seem perplexed over the hysteria unfolding in the west.


Based on the left’s over-dramatic reaction, Rep. Jackson now thinks Dems are looking to use Omicron to extend their one-party rule.

Now, Dr. Jackson is ringing the ol’ alarm bells about what he calls the “Midterm Election Variant.”


He’s convinced that Dems will seize on this variant as another opportunity to enact more “mail-in-ballot” harvesting – the same thing they did in 2020, which many Americans believe allowed them to gain total control over the government.

His theory holds water.

Yesterday they trotted out Dr. Fauci, to lay the groundwork for possible “lockdowns,” by saying nothing can be “ruled out,” and we must “prepare for the worst.”


I don’t know what these people are thinking, but Americans are done with these lockdowns. We should have never locked down, to begin with, but hindsight is 20/20.

Now that we know, we’ll never go back there.


I understand Dems want to keep this COVID train rolling – they need it – but it’s not going to happen again, and if they push it, I believe Americans will push back.


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