Report: Ilhan Omar “Certain” Pelosi Will Reprimad GOP Lauren Boebert

Report: Ilhan Omar “Certain” Pelosi Will Reprimad GOP Lauren Boebert

During a Sunday press conference, Rep. Ilhan Omar expressed confidence that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will take action to reprimand Rep. Lauren Boebert for her comments, which Ms. Omar has described as anti-Muslim in nature.

In a CNN interview, Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar stated that “we should punish and sanction Boebert by stripping her of her committee assignments, by publicly condemning her language, and by doing everything we can to send a clear and decisive message to the American public that if the Republicans do not act like adults and condemn this, that we will do so.”


In addition, she said, “I’ve had a talk with the speaker, and I’m quite certain that she’ll take serious action next week.”

Members of the liberal Democratic “Squad” in the House, including Ms. Omar, avoided making predictions about how the process would unfold. Previously, Republican Reps. Paul Gosar of Arizona and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia had their committee assignments revoked because of statements they made against other members of their respective committees, respectively.

After her words were criticized by the Islamic community, Ms. Boebert, a Colorado Republican, apologized to them through Twitter last month. She also spoke with Ms. Omar on the phone last week in an outreach that did not go well. After comments made by Ms. Boebert comparing Ms. Omar, a Muslim who was born in Somalia, to a terrorist appeared on social media, the confrontation erupted into a public spat.


Mrs. Boebert apologized publicly and personally, according to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who stated this on Friday. Herr McCarthy’s reaction, according to Ms. Omar, was deplorable.

McCarthy is “a liar and a coward,” said Representative Ilhan Omar on CNN. “He lacks the ability to criticize the type of hateful Islamophobia and anti-Muslim statements that are being traded by a member of his conference.”




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