VIDEO: Peter Doocy Puts American’s on Alert, Biden Rolling Out Harshest COVID Restrictions Yet

VIDEO: Peter Doocy Puts American’s on Alert, Biden Rolling Out Harshest COVID Restrictions Yet

Winter is coming, and so are more COVID restrictions from Joe Biden. According to Fox News White House reporter Peter Doocy, they’re going to be the harshest yet. And Biden will announce the new restrictions on Thursday.


Doocy says the new harsh restrictions will head into unfamiliar territory and will include a new restriction for all Americans who are traveling abroad. Doocy says his sources tell him that Americans coming home from traveling abroad must quarantine in their homes for 7 days.

And the new plans are not going over big, even with the “COVID obsessed” crowd:

And of course, this new measure has many people asking some very important questions like, “How on earth do you impose this quarantine?”

Will Team Biden be sending people out to everyone’s houses to check on them to make sure they’re locked down? Will members of the CDC be peeking in your windows? Will they put a “tracking device” on everyone’s ankle? How will this nightmare play out? And does this bring us one step closer to “quarantine camps” like the ones they have in Australia?

It sure feels like this is “step one,” right?

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And the biggest question that Americans have, is does this also apply to the people breaking the law at our border? The criminals who are flooding over by the hundreds of thousands… And if so, where exactly will they “quarantine” while they await illegally entry into the US?

Or will Joe encourage them to saunter over willy-nilly as he’s been doing this entire time?


There are a lot of questions and concerns right now.

Team Biden is very desperate right now, and who knows what other punishments they have planned for the American people. All they want is to raise up Joe’s embarrassingly low approval numbers, and they don’t care who they stomp on to do it.


Here are some comments from folks online:

“Biden team thinks this Covid thing is his only way to get disapproval numbers up.”

“But not illegal immigrants 😂😂😂”

“Commence Operation Dark Winter”

“Applies only to legal American citizens. Hehehe😈”

“Lol. And what, exactly, do they think they can do? The mandate is dead in the water, they can’t force states to lock down. They can’t even require masks anywhere but Fed ground. Restrict air travel? I guess they can try, but that’ll get shut down el rapido, too.”

“didn’t he say no lockdown just yesterday?”

“Isnt it time the American people announce some of their restrictions against their tyrant rulers?”

“Lol! But let millions of illegals in! They aren’t quarantined! 🤦🏾‍♀️

This move comes just as Biden’s vax mandates got walloped in court.

As you likely know, his OSHA mandate is in tatters and halted due to court rulings. But yesterday, his federal mandate and healthcare mandate took a massive hit.

One judge actually halted the firing of medical personnel all across the US, and many states have halted the mandate for federal workers.


Biden has a tough road ahead of him. He’s got sagging poll numbers, and Americans are sick and tired of the “650 days to slow to the spread” nonsense.

And there’s nothing scarier than an unpopular so-called “president,” with nothing to lose.

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