District Attorney’s Stunning Update On “Rust” Case, May Explain Why Alec Suddenly Changed His Story 

District Attorney’s Stunning Update On “Rust” Case, May Explain Why Alec Suddenly Changed His Story 

Many people are wondering why on earth Alec Baldwin would suddenly come out with this cockamamie story about him not pointing the gun or pulling the trigger in the deadly shooting incident on the set of “Rust.” He debuted his new conspiracy theory that a gun “magically” pointed and fired by itself, during a controversial ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos.


Baldwin says he doesn’t feel “guilty” about a mom and cinematographer being shot dead because even though he was the one holding the gun, he had nothing to do with it. Alec says somebody else is at fault.

Alec says he never pulled the trigger.

Nobody believes this nonsense, so the question is WHY is he doing this?

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Well, if you’ve been following along with me on these stories, I told you early on my theory about why he was doing this: he’s setting up a defense against the civil lawsuits and possible criminal charges that could be coming… and now, we’ve got some proof to back up that theory.

And it comes from the District Attorney, who just issued another update on the case, stating that charges are still possible against Alec Baldwin in the fatal ‘Rust’ shooting.

It’s interesting that she’s saying this right now – especially after that interview.

Today Show reported that the district attorney in Santa Fe County in New Mexico says charges are still possible against the three people, including actor Alec Baldwin, who handled the gun on the set of the movie “Rust.” Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed on set by a suspected live round that also injured the movie’s director.


This is a very interesting interview with the DA in Santa Fe, about what’ happening with the case. It was filmed three weeks ago, but it’s still really relevant. Pay attention to what she says about the defense attorneys who are trying to push a “sabotage” theory:


It could still be months before we know if Baldwin or anyone else will be charged, but clearly, there’s some fear out there.


And based on all of this, I think we’re now we’re seeing why Alec and his goofy wife are on a PR blitz with this new ridiculous “magical gun” story.

He’s trying to get out in front of the lawsuits and possibly criminal charges and establish a narrative because Alec knows this story will be a media war.

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