DUPREE: Stop Eating The Lies Being Fed To Us And Start Holding Leaders Accountable Or We Will Perish!

DUPREE: Stop Eating The Lies Being Fed To Us And Start Holding Leaders Accountable Or We Will Perish!

Compared to any other moment since the Civil War, does today’s America seem more divided than ever before? That’s what it looks like, and that’s on purpose.

They’ve forgotten that they’re civil servants, not tyrants, over the years. A problem exists when people in power have nothing, and this gives them a false sense of superiority over the rest of us. Citizens are seen as only a means to a goal by those in charge of the government. Rather than voting against them, we’re here to support them so that they may continue to rule while saying one thing and doing the exact opposite of what we think is best for us.

Orwellian doublespeak is used by them. By promoting myths that the United States is fundamentally racist, sexist, and whatever other “–ist” term they can find or make up, politicians keep us divided on purpose. These politicians must keep us divided and at conflict with one another in order to achieve their aims, which are incompatible with a unified public. To keep us divided along racial, gender, and other lines while politicians continue to enrich themselves and we are too busy to see those giving daily press briefings are wolves in sheep’s clothing, it is necessary to keep us bickering and discussing amongst ourselves.

In order to keep us distracted from the fact that they are amassing power and amassing millions of dollars for themselves while doing nothing to fix the issues they caused, they divide us and keep us bickering and discussing amongst ourselves.

The wealth of different senators and representatives in Congress is described in this article from the Atlantic. There are millions of them. So why do they prefer to lecture us about income disparity when they have more money than the people they are meant to represent? ‘

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This group’s goal is to keep the rich and poor at strife, so they may enrich themselves while we remain divided. Average congressional pay was $174,000, while the average American family income was $51,017, according to an article published in 2012. Unfortunately, Congress seems to be more adept at handling their own funds than the money you have entrusted to them.

That the US debt limit was increased ninety-four times between 1944 and 1994, while it was only reduced ten times, is particularly clear proof of this. Politicians may just care about their own financial interests, while spending your money on pork, special interests, and maintaining themselves in power.

Commitment is a two-way street. As a country, we must stop believing the falsehoods that are being peddled to us. Barack Obama was voted to two terms as president despite claims that we are a racist society. Dispelling any notion that America is a systematically racist country, therefore.

Even though we’ve been told we’re sexist, a major party picked Hillary Clinton as its presidential candidate in 2016. The answer to this question is an emphatic “yes.” No, but the counterargument would be that the United States is sexist since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election. Were we all sexist or was she just an incompetent candidate who had been dogged by controversy for years?

Politics has recently torn up far too many close relationships and families, and this tribalism serves only the interests of politicians rather than the people they are meant to represent. As a country, we must put a stop to tribalism and reintroduce civic dialogue so that we can come to an agreement on the best course of action on each subject at hand.

A delicate skill that appears to have been lost in today’s world of zero-sum games will be required. Our nation was not built on the assumption that one ideology would prevail over the other.

Rather from being ruled by a governing class, it was hoped that we would compromise and ultimately have the ability to make our own decisions. Politicians have forgotten that they are equal citizens of the United States and not superior to us, as they have been taught. Ending the tribalism of left vs right, male versus female and black versus white and realizing we are all part of the same tribe working toward the same objective is long overdue. As Americans, we want to live our lives without being enslaved by a power-hungry class of people.

The political class has consolidated into an absolute oligarchy. Term restrictions and a ban on lobbying must both be implemented. It is only by returning to our basic ideals that we can heal our divisions and eliminate the corruption.



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