[VIDEO] Ted Nugent Goes on Joe Rogan’s Podcast And Unleashes Most Epic Rant Against FBI, DEA, and ATF

[VIDEO] Ted Nugent Goes on Joe Rogan’s Podcast And Unleashes Most Epic Rant Against FBI, DEA, and ATF

The Motor City Madman hasn’t lost his touch.


There are few people on this earth that can unleash an epic rant the way Ted Nugent can, and he was in rare form when he showed up on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

And who was in his line of fire?

The disgraced FBI, DEA, and ATF.

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Ted is furious, as most Americans are, watching these government groups disgrace the US Constitution, and become “brown shirt” order-takers, doing their communist bosses’ bidding. While Ted agrees there are some “decent” guys who are still working in these agencies, he’s had it with all of them for not standing up to their bosses and keeping their oath to their country, the Constitution, and the American people.

He’s so fed up, that he went on one of the most passionate and epic rants I’ve ever heard from Ted.

And trust me, it’s what we and THEY need to hear.


You can watch the video below:

It’s time for everyone to hold these agents and officers accountable for what they’re doing.

This “we’re just following orders” excuse won’t work anymore.


We saw a lot of overreaches when COVID began with local police, and we’re seeing the FBI and these other organizations become politicized from the top down, and we the people need to stand up and push back against this before it’s too late.

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