[VIDEO] Trump Explains The Exact Moment He Realized General Milley Was a “F**kng Idiot”

[VIDEO] Trump Explains The Exact Moment He Realized General Milley Was a “F**kng Idiot”

Man, I miss hearing from President Trump, don’t you?


I am really excited about his new social media company “Truth Social,” and can’t wait for it to start up. I was just reading an article about how he’s already lined up $1 billion in investors, which is amazing.

Here’s what Business Insider reported on Truth:

Former President Donald Trump’s forthcoming digital media platform and its SPAC partner says they have entered into subscription agreements to raise an estimated $1 billion from investors.

Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. (TMTG) and Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC), a special purpose acquisition company, announced on Saturday that the two companies reached a deal to fund Trump’s new social media website, TRUTH Social. TMTG has formerly described aspirations for the site and accompanying app to serve as “a conservative media universe” with “non-woke content.”

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In the meantime, we get to hear from him through his statements and the occasional interview and videos as well.

And speaking of videos, I came upon a doozy tonight, straight outta Mar-a-Lago.

It was President Trump speaking to some folks at his home, and he was talking about “woke” General Milley and explaining to everyone the exact moment when he realized General Milley was actually a “f**king idiot.”

(those are his words, not mine). 😂

It’s a classic “Trump moment,” but be aware of the language.


You can watch the video below:

Boy, ain’t that the truth, what a disappointment Milley was. Actually, most of the generals that we got to know through President Trump’s tie in the White House were “woke” cream puffs. Remember “Mad Dog.”

President Trump said he wasn’t “Mad Dog,” it was more like “Moderate Dog.”


President Trump opened our eyes to the fake news media, and the weak GOP, but he also shined a light on what was happening in the high-up ranks of the military, as well… the left has also infiltrated them as well. They spread their progressive communism like a cancer.

But it’s good that we found out now, while we still have some time to save it.

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