Trump’s New Social Media Site Just Got a Huge $1 Billion Dollar Unexpected Boost

Trump’s New Social Media Site Just Got a Huge $1 Billion Dollar Unexpected Boost

There are many people who want to get in on President Trump’s new media venture “Truth Social.” And I don’t blame them, because it’s gonna be huge. Millions upon millions of people have been waiting for President Trump to return to social media after he was “canceled” by the globalist regime.


Rumor has it that a beta version of Truth has already launched for select guests. Once it passes that beta phase and they fix all the issues, it should be up and running for everyone.

And there’s some extra good news about Truth Social… President Trump’s new media site just got an unexpected $1 billion dollar shot in the arm.

Yes, I said BILLION…

Business Insider reported that President Donald Trump’s forthcoming digital media platform and its SPAC partner says they have entered into subscription agreements to raise an estimated $1 billion from investors.

Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. (TMTG) and Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC), a special purpose acquisition company, announced on Saturday that the two companies reached a deal to fund Trump’s new social media website, TRUTH Social. TMTG has formerly described aspirations for the site and accompanying app to serve as “a conservative media universe” with “non-woke content.”

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The deal — which sources first told Reuters was in progress earlier this week — will provide estimated proceeds of $1.25 billion to TRUTH Social, according to a press release. While the identity of the investors remains unknown, the funding will function as “PIPE” investments, or private investments in public equity.

Trump said in a statement on Saturday that the investment will put his company “in a stronger position to fight back against the tyranny of Big Tech.”

Trump announced his new company in October, “Trump Media & Technology Group” (TMTG).

And he shared his plans for a new messaging app called “Truth Social” that will give Twitter and Facebook a run for their money.


TMTG’s plans on becoming a publicly listed company through a merger with the publicly traded Digital World Acquisition Corp. They are a “special purpose acquisition company” and they exist to help take private companies and make them public.

They did not identify the institutional investors in a press release issued Saturday by Trump Media and Digital World. The money will come from “a diverse group” of investors after the two companies are merged, the statement said.

This is amazing news, and it shows that President Trump’s social media will be on par with Twitter and Facebook, and I have a feeling, it’s gonna wipe both of them out, and I can’t wait.


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