[VIDEO] New Nation-Wide “Violin Scam” is Tricking Everyone This Christmas Season

[VIDEO] New Nation-Wide “Violin Scam” is Tricking Everyone This Christmas Season

Scammers are always thinking, aren’t they? And the scams just keep getting more and more elaborate. I just did a story a couple of weeks back on a gasoline scam, where the bad guys are switching the hoses at the pump, so when they go to “gas up” they’re filling up the wrong tank and don’t even know it.

When I see these scams out there, I like to alert you, just so you can be extra vigilant.

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And now, it looks like there’s another clever scam in the works and it’s tricking many people this Christmas season.

It’s the new “violin scam.”

Yes, you read that right…

Police are warning citizens around the country of scam artists who pretend to play the violin at shopping centers and parking lots while an instrumental plays through a speaker.


Breitbart reported these individuals are pretending to play the violin over a music track and claim to be homeless or have a sick relative, which is usually untrue.

An incident was documented last month in Pinellas Park, Florida, according to Fox 13. Crime and Prevention and Community Policing Corporal James Gatti told the outlet that the scammers usually hold signs asking for help with rent, food, and the care of relatives and sometimes children stand beside a counterfeit performer as they pretend to play.

“The second we pull up, they drop the violin, but the music is still playing through the speaker,” Gatti told Fox 13.


Gatti says the con artists are part of an organized group that plays on people’s emotions rather than violin strings.

“They are just traveling through the southeastern United States, stopping in different places,” he said.

You can watch the video below:

So, keep an eye out folks.


And if you see someone playing the violin and they have a sad story and are collecting money, and you want to donate — just make sure you ask them to turn off their speaker and play something for you that way.

If they refuse, they’re a scammer.

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