DUPREE: We’re Trying To Defeat Evil Without God These Days, That’s The Biggest Mistake!

DUPREE: We’re Trying To Defeat Evil Without God These Days, That’s The Biggest Mistake!


What many Christians seem to have forgotten is that the job of “GOD” is taken and he doesn’t need any help in fixing situations. He doesn’t put no more on us than we can handle but it seems today’s Christian believes he/she can beat evil through legislation and political voices that have no christian direction, just emotions, and that’s a huge problem.

Inflation reaching an all-time high that is progressively reducing the purchasing power of every American. Millions of illegal immigrants pouring across the southern border in a massive invasion. The American economy is being decimated by COVID’s tyrannical practices. Abuse of political detainees on January 6 in the depths of Washington, D.C. The outrages perpetrated by the Biden administration seem to be interminable.

Today’s radicalized Democratic Party and its media propagandists are audaciously attempting a full-scale Marxist “reset” of America, one aimed at overturning capitalism, upending the U.S. Constitution with its limited government and individual rights, and “re-imagining” America’s key institutions of liberty, all while hiding behind a weakened and shockingly senile puppet president. We’re talking about anything from “stacking” Justice Kennedy to abolishing filibuster rules in Congress, eliminating federal financing for law enforcement, getting rid of fossil fuel industries, and doing away with sprawling suburbs.

Irreparable damage to an enormous nation under assault from the inside.

The REAL battle against the freest and most prosperous country in history isn’t being conducted in any of this.

With a never-ending wave of assaults on Americans’ core values, religious faith, historical memory, love of country, tranquility and happiness – even their sanity – the more fundamental and ultimately consequential war being waged in the United States today is the one being waged against the American mind.

There are a variety of weapons being used to attack the American spirit, intellect, and heart. Relentless daily claims that America, the world’s least racist country, is nonetheless racist and predatory, even murderous, are among them. While blacks are pushed to identify as angry, aggrieved victims who can’t achieve in racist America, whites are made to feel terrible and beg for forgiveness for crimes they didn’t do. White nationalists who habitually “hunt” and murder black people for amusement have been portrayed as the nation’s police force.

Debilitating dread is another lethal weapon being unleashed on American sanity and happiness. A common enemy, such as World War II, when almost all Americans volunteered to fight the war effort may have been used by power-obsessed politicians to weaponize the pandemic via lockdowns and vaccine and mask mandates in order to maximize their authoritarian control over Americans.

Transexuality is another another weapon employed against the American people’s sanity; it is a sort of mass insanity that does more damage than only ruining women’s athletics throughout the globe since it normalizes and enforces the idea that men and women are interchangeable. As many as 41 percent of transgender persons have tried suicide, and the percentage is far higher among transgender people in general. Children are being targeted with gender-fluidity indoctrination at school, and they’re urged to “transition” into the other gender through puberty-blocking medications and even the surgical removal of their testicles.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration paints all of its political opponents as terrorists and violent radicals, including conservatives and Trump supporters as well as parents who are outraged by the Marxist indoctrination of their children. What you’d expect from communist revolutionaries is this type of hard-core psychological warfare against the populace.

The American psyche has taken a heavy toll in this conflict. Across the country, the incidence of violent crime has surged, while rates of suicide, alcohol and drug misuse and other “mental health” disorders have also increased. There are currently more than 100,000 drug overdose fatalities per year in the US. A rare and alarming “public health advisory” issued by the US Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy in early December revealed a dramatic increase in teen girls’ emergency room visits for suicide attempts during the COVID pandemic, with 1 in 4 American kids experiencing depression, and emergency room visits for suicide attempts 51% higher than two years ago.

As a result, a growing number of Americans, both young and elderly, are turning their backs on life.

Despite this, America has always been a home of opportunity, freedom, and most importantly, HOPE. People escaping genocide and oppression have looked to the United States as their “promised land.”

What is the source of this great yet enigmatic optimism? And perhaps most pressingly, can the nation’s founding optimism, which was the driving force behind the country’s incredible rise, be rekindled and restored?

Since the dawn of American history, the Christian religion has been the genuine source of Americans’ optimism. As a result, Americans have become more irrational, pessimistic and oppressed.

Bestselling author and longtime Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian says that “everything good about America,” including its Judeo-Christian culture, its Constitution, its exceptional level of personal liberty, Americans’ unique magnanimity and generosity, and even their willingness to give up their own lives and possessions for the sake of others, is directly derived from the Christian faith of its founding generation.”

During this holiday season, we must remember that we can’t do anything without Christ. The role of God and savior has been taken and there are no substitutes.


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