Many Americans Outraged Over “Hostage-Looking” Photos in Oregon Schools’ 2nd Grade Yearbook

Many Americans Outraged Over “Hostage-Looking” Photos in Oregon Schools’ 2nd Grade Yearbook

There is a photo of a second-grade class in Oregon that has literally lit the internet on fire, and not in a “good” way.


What we’re doing to kids in this country is horrific. I have watched as these neurotic, crazy adults push their own psychosis all over their kids and other people’s kids, and I thank GOD my daughter is not “school-age” anymore because I’d probably be on an FBI watch list if she was. I’d be going crazy on everyone.

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I could never just sit there while the state abused my child physically and emotionally with these COVID rules and regulations that have zero “science” to back them up.

But by the looks of things, a lot of parents, mostly liberals, who are terrified of living, don’t agree with me, and they’re feverishly and enthusiastically turning an entire generation into fearful hypochondriacs.

These kids below, literally look like ISIS hostages. That awful, cream background, and all masked-up, they literally look like hostages. It’s so disgusting.

I am told the photo is from an Oregon 2nd grade class.

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Here’s a closeup of the photo:


I don’t know which school this is – probably somewhere very near Portland, would be my first guess.

Here’s what people online had to say:

“I love how the cartoon characters at the bottom look free and normal” 

“What are we doing to kids? this is so sad” 

“Hey, little Suzie, you need to ruin your entire life so your 84 year old grandma can live for another year” 

“this looks like a book of abused kids”

“I have yet to see all the science data to back this up”

“This isn’t for the health and safety of the kids. It’s to soothe the nerves and anxiety of the psychotic adults who work in the school” 

“As a parent, I can tell you, I would NEVER want a picture of my kid like this” 

I agree with that one commenter above, who said this wasn’t about “health and safety” for kids. It’s about soothing anxious and neurotic adults.

And that’s what really makes all of this so incredibly evil.


We’re raising an entire generation of kids who will be messed up and fearful of everything because many adults have Mass Formation Psychosis.

What they’re doing is child abuse.

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