50,000 People In France Protests Against Stricter Covid-19 Measures!!.

50,000 People In France Protests Against Stricter Covid-19 Measures!!.

As France’s upper chamber of parliament passed a law allowing vaccination exemptions, more than 50,000 people took to the streets in protest.

Around 54,000 people took part in demonstrations around the country, with 7,000 marching through the nation’s capital, according to the Interior Ministry.

Other banners say “Democracy in jeopardy,” “Freedom,” and “Republic.”

“I do not support the vaccination law. A demonstrator in Paris told Ruptly video agency, “I’m against mass vaccination — everyone must be free to choose”

Others voiced their support for Novak Djokovic, the Serbian tennis player who was recently imprisoned and scheduled for deportation in Australia for violating the country’s health standards. In Bordeaux, a demonstrator told AFP that “Novak is sort of our standard-bearer at this time.”

On the same day, the vaccination law was revised and approved by the French Senate, the upper chamber of parliament. It’s expected that the National Assembly will vote on the fiercely disputed legislation on Sunday afternoon.

If the vaccination pass is implemented, venues such as cafés, restaurants, gyms, and movies will no longer need a health pass to attend. Efforts are being made to persuade more individuals to complete their vaccinations.

On Saturday, booster injections for the working health card were required. Individuals whose second dosage was given more than seven months ago but who have not gotten a booster were deactivated.

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