Ashli Babbit’s Husband Guarantees That If He Was There That Day, She’d Still Be Alive

Ashli Babbit’s Husband Guarantees That If He Was There That Day, She’d Still Be Alive

Ashli Babbitt’s husband is speaking out and explaining why, if he had been there on January 6 2021, his wife would still be alive.


And no, it’s not because he would have protected her inside the Capitol.

He says, had he been there, they would have never gone into the Capitol to begin with.

Aaron Babbitt says he has a nose for sniffing out suspicious situations and he’s sure that what was going down at the Capitol would have raised a lot of red flags.

He said that he would have caught on that something was up and made sure that he and Ashli steered clear of that building.

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Sadly though, he wasn’t there, and his wife was gunned down by madman Michael Byrd.

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Bizpacreview reported that Aaron Babbitt claims his wife Ashli would still be alive today if he had gone to the Capitol with her to attend the January 6 rally because they both hated crowds and he would have known “something wrong was going on around there.”

He was shocked when he was told that she had breached the Capitol building, crawled through a broken window into the Speaker’s Lobby outside the House chamber, and then was shot and killed by Capitol police officer Michael Byrd who was unidentified at the time. He found out that she had been injured from a friend who called and told him she saw her possibly hurt on TV.

In an interview with TMZ, Aaron Babbitt claimed his wife would never have entered the Capitol building during the riot if he had gone with her. He stayed home in San Diego instead to run their pool maintenance company.


“Nobody’s gonna watch over her or watch her back better than I could have,” he asserted. “We never would have been in the Capitol for one… that never would have happened. I wouldn’t have gone in there. That’s not my scene,” Aaron explained.

Babbitt considers himself a “very vigilant person” and says that he would have picked up on the signs that the situation was going sideways.

“I’m pretty sure I would have been able to pick that up pretty quickly,” he contended.

After hearing this, I can’t help but think how fragile life is and how different things can be with just a simple change of plans.

Ashli was in a crazed crowd with insane energy and everything unfolding at once; she got caught up in all of it.

It’s just so sad that she lost her life – and that people smear her good name for political points.


Rest in peace Ashli, I am so sorry this happened to you.

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