Review: “Against The Ice” Is A Thriller On The Edge Of Your Seat Ride In The Arctic!

Review: “Against The Ice” Is A Thriller On The Edge Of Your Seat Ride In The Arctic!

It’s true that Peaky Blinders’ Joe Cole and Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are joining together for an epic new Arctic survival drama called Against the Ice, and it contains everything you’d expect from a collaboration between the two. Apparently there will be plenty of excitement and fighting… as the couple prepares to go to war with polar bears.

Here’s the trailer:

Capt. Ejnar Mikkelsen, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, is in charge of Denmark’s Alabama Expedition in 1909. The film is set in 1909. To dispute the United States’ assertion that Greenland is comprised of two distinct islands, the crew hopes to halt their claim to North Eastern Greenland by demonstrating that it is one island. Mikkelsen goes through the ice with Iver Iversen, a young crew man who is inexperienced and new to the ship (Joe Cole).

They discover evidence that Greenland is a single island, but returning to the ship proves to be considerably more difficult than they anticipated. Battle-weary and exhausted after fighting acute hunger, exhaustion, and a polar bear assault, they eventually arrive to discover their ship buried in ice and the camp abandoned. Is it possible for them to battle for survival as the days get longer and their grasp on reality begins to weaken, generating distrust and paranoia?

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau describes the film as “an intensive investigation of two individuals, two opposites, caught in an epic and deadly scenario.”

This is also a narrative about surviving under great strain and conditions, about a never-ending battle for survival, about fending off dangers such as extreme cold, a scarcity of food, hungry polar bears, and most importantly about the weakness of the human psyche.”

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