Hilaria Baldwin Posts Shocking Photo of Husband Alec on Her Instagram Account 

Hilaria Baldwin Posts Shocking Photo of Husband Alec on Her Instagram Account 

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin could be two of the most narcissistic, ghoulish people on the planet.


The deadly “Rust” tragedy has really highlighted what a couple of monsters these two are.

From turning this deadly tragedy into their own personal PR machine to Alec refusing to cooperate with authorities in order to give Halyna Hutchins’ family some closure, they’re a real pair of jerks.

They can’t stop talking or stay offline either – and the stuff they post is absurd, and now, quite shocking.

Hilaria Baldwin posted – what can only be called – a shocking and highly inappropriate photo of her husband, Alec, especially given the circumstances.

Bizpacreview reported that Hilaria Baldwin posted two decidedly bizarre photos on Instagram Wednesday showing her husband Alec Baldwin holding up art he apparently drew, prompting journalist Emily Miller to ask if he was “taunting the sheriff investigating him.”

Those drawings were shared on her Instagram story as well as a series of photos and videos that included one of her shoes in her closet that was captioned “SHOE PORN, ANYONE?” There were also multiple photos and videos of her family, including Alec and a few of their six children, according to Mediaite.

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Alec Baldwin posed on camera standing in front of a wood-paneled wall, blankly staring ahead in the shots. The first drawing shows a man saying “Hello!” and a woman in a bikini who replies, “May I help you?” The second has the man lying down, crying, “Oh, God. Please help me. I’m dying,” as the woman replies, “Do I know you?”

The captions on the photos read “ALEC AND HIS DRAWINGS OF HIM AND ME” on the first one and “NOT DRAMATIC AT ALL…” on the second one. There was also a small video of Hilaria sarcastically clapping. It is unclear exactly what the cryptic drawings meant.

Here are the two photos Hilaria shared:

Why in God’s name would these two post a drawing of someone laying on the floor dying, given what Alec has done?


Is Alec trying to send a ghoulish message to the New Mexico authorities who are still trying to get his phone?

Is he mocking the tragedy that HE helped cause? The death of a mother?

People were outraged when they saw the photos, but they actually thought it wasn’t real.

People couldn’t imagine it was really Alec holding that drawing- they were certain it was photoshopped.

It wasn’t.


These two images are posted on Hilaria’s Instagram.

They’re real.

I don’t know what will transpire with Alec and this “Rust” disaster, but I will tell you this, both Alec and Hilaria should seek mental healthcare because they’re two very disturbed people.

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