Plot Thickens: New Bombshell Development in Alec Baldwin “Rust” Case

Plot Thickens: New Bombshell Development in Alec Baldwin “Rust” Case

A new development has unfolded in the Baldwin “Rust” shooting case… and If you ask me, it’s a bombshell.

It certainly casts a very suspicious shadow over Alec.


It’s been three weeks since New Mexico police issued that search warrant for Alec Baldwin’s cell phone, and he still hasn’t turned it over.

That’s right, he still has the cell phone.

As a matter of fact, he and his family high-tailed it out of New York City just hours after the warrant was issued.

I covered that story and pointed out that it looked as if he had a cell phone in his pocket. Apparently, he did.

Now, New Mexico officials are asking for help from New York officials to get their hands on Alec’s phone.

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The question many people have is: what is on that phone that he doesn’t want the police to see?

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Something big, I assume.

The LA Times reported that New Mexico law enforcement officers have solicited help from New York authorities to retrieve Alec Baldwin’s cellphone in the “Rust” shooting investigation — more than three weeks after detectives asked to search the phone.

Santa Fe County Magistrate Judge David Segura on Dec. 16 authorized a search warrant allowing local law enforcement to search Baldwin’s iPhone for evidence that may prove valuable to their investigation into the Oct. 21 fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the low-budget western film “Rust.”

But so far that hasn’t happened, officials said this week.


“The Sheriff’s Office does not have physical possession of the phone,” Santa Fe County Sheriff’s spokesman Juan Rios said Friday afternoon. “The phone is in New York with Mr. Baldwin.”

It appears that the “search warrant” that was issued was for New Mexico only…is that why Baldwin high-tailed it out of NYC and went to The Hamptons with his phone?

But it’s unclear why Baldwin has not voluntarily turned over his phone.

Why won’t Alec help the investigation move forward?

Earlier in the investigation, Santa Fe County Sheriff’s investigators retrieved cellphones belonging to Gutierrez Reed and Halls. Both individuals voluntarily turned over their phones to sheriff’s investigators without a search warrant, according to their respective attorneys.

I think Human Events editor Jack Posobiec is onto something.


There’s got to be things on that phone that are very incriminating.

The plot thickens.

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