Watch: Alec Baldwin Films Bizarre Video, Alone Inside His Car, After NM Authorities Say He Won’t Turn Over His Phone

Watch: Alec Baldwin Films Bizarre Video, Alone Inside His Car, After NM Authorities Say He Won’t Turn Over His Phone

Alec Baldwin looks and sounds like a man teetering on the brink of insanity… and it appears, for whatever reason, that Mr. Baldwin is not fully cooperating with police, regarding the “Rust” shooting incident that killed his cinematographer.


Alec Baldwin was reportedly holding the gun, and was the man who pulled the trigger, striking dead the young mother, so you’d think he’d be eager to cooperate with police.

But that doesn’t appear to b the case.

We’re hearing that Alec won’t turn over his phone to New Mexico police after a search warranted was issued for it.

New Mexico authorities claim Baldwin still has the phone 3-weeks after the warrant was issued, and are now asking New York authorities to get the phone on their behalf.

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Hours after the warrant was first issued 3 weeks ago, Baldwin and his family left their NYC home and headed to The Hamptons, and have remained there.

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After word spread that Alec wasn’t cooperating with police, he filmed this bizarre video (with his phone??) in his car, where he appears to be alone, in a heavily wooded area.

In the video, Alec talks about how he’s cooperating with police – but doesn’t mention the phone – and then goes on a weird rant about right-wing hate and January 6th.

Here’s what Human Events editor Jack Posobiec said in a series of tweets about the new video: “In a bizarre rant Alec Baldwin just compared his shooting of his cinematographer to Jan 6 and seemed to blame both on ‘right wing hate’”


“He also claims he is complying with the investigation while obviously recording the video on his phone that the sheriff has ordered him to turn over”


You can’t help but wonder, is Alec somewhere by himself in his car, trying to hide out with his phone?

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask this, given the fact that everyone else from the cast who was asked has turned over their phones with no issue at all – and no warrants, either.


I’m sorry if Alec feels “attacked,” but he’s only harming himself with this bizarre behavior. His words and actions make it seem as if he has something to hide.


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