AOC Tests Positive For COVID… And Her Statement Will Make Your Eyes Roll

AOC Tests Positive For COVID… And Her Statement Will Make Your Eyes Roll

Well, fresh off her vacation in Floridia, with her boyfriend and his ugly feet, triple-vaxed AOC has just announced that she has COVID.


And instead of saying, “What we’ve been doing hasn’t worked, we need to change course now…”

AOC is toeing the Big Pharma line and encouraging everyone to get their booster shot.

Huh? How on earth is that “science?”

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“JUST IN: Fully vaxxed and boosted Congresswoman AOC catches COVID: “The Congresswoman received her booster shot this Fall, and encourages everyone to get their booster and follow all CDC guidance.””

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Every time I see one of these statements, where a fully vaccinated person who just tested positive for COVID is urging people to get boosted, I laugh and I think of this meme.


It just sounds so silly and makes no sense.

If you got a 3 flu shots in one season, and you still got the flu, would you be urging people to go get the flu shot?


You’d be calling the doctor and asking him what the hell is going on, and rightfully so.

But we live in propaganda clown world now, so common sense stuff doesn’t apply anymore.

Here are comments from folks online about AOC’s COVID status:


“Covid just wants to date her”

“What about her boyfriends feet, are they okay, or do they have COVID too?” 

“She said republicans didn’t want to date her but covid did”

Vaccines nor boosters work. Why is @AOCpushing it??”

“Her Christmas Day livestream began with a cough so then only logical and rational conclusion we can come to is she had COVID then flew to Florida and super spread it all over the state.”

“She’s gonna blame DeSantis isn’t she?”

“i thought she died last year on Jan 6?”

“The pandemic of the Congressmen continues”


Well, given her age, and her healthy physique, AOC will be just fine, with our without 24 booster shots.

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