AP Gets Tarred, Feathered, and Brutally Mocked For “Fact Checking” Mass Formation Psychosis

AP Gets Tarred, Feathered, and Brutally Mocked For “Fact Checking” Mass Formation Psychosis

We live in a world gone completely mad.. and we see it every day.


People who are so blinded by COVID fear that they’ve lost their marbles. Healthy or semi-healthy people who have traded “science” for government propaganda, honestly believe that if they catch COVID it’s a death sentence.

That could not be farther from the truth.

But, that’s how COVID’s been marketed by politicians and the media, and it’s created such mass hysteria, it’ll take a generation or more to recover fully.

Parents are stuffing their kids in trunks, young, healthy people are wearing homemade space suits on airplanes.

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This isn’t “normal” behavior, and it’s certainly not a rational reaction to a virus with a 99.8 survival rate for healthy and semi-healthy people.

Unless the woman in this airplane pic is stricken with comorbidities, she’s at practically zero risk from dying of COVID.

People are completely irrational and now believe that science naturally changes along with political polling. They also believe that COVID won’t “get you” if you wear a flimsy, filthy cloth mask, and if you stand up inside a restaurant you need a mask, but if you sit down, you don’t.

And on and on and on we go with the lunacy.

When “controversial” and canceled Dr. Malone appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast he talked about how half of society has gone “barking mad,” and he explained his theory on why this is happening.

Dr. Malone diagnosed half the country with Mass Formation Psychosis.


In a nutshell: half of society has been brainwashed with propaganda and now they can’t think straight.

Sounds about right.

Well, of course, the “fact-checkers” had to rush out and declare that “Mass Formation Psychosis” isn’t actually real, and it’s not impacting society.

The AP led the way with this brainwashing propaganda, and they got tarred and feathered for it.

Here’s the tweet that AP published: “Mass formation psychosis,” an unfounded theory spreading online, suggests millions of people have been “hypnotized” into believing mainstream ideas to combat COVID-19. Psychology experts say the concept is not supported by evidence. Get the facts”

“Get the facts” lol funniest line I’ve ever read…

Here are some responses from people online:

“Denial is a necessary element of psychosis, by definition.”

“The AP is an unfounded, illegitimate former news site, not supported by any journalism or real fact checkers. #EnemyOfThePeople

“Congratulations, you’ve confirmed it’s a real thing”

“The fact you dignified this notion with a fact-check actually makes it more believable not less.”

“I graduated with a degree in Psychology from the State University of New York in 1994. Mass psychosis was in our textbook, as was MPT, and PFC Theory.”

““Propaganda doesn’t work” is a pretty bold take, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you morons.”

“Translation: The same “experts”/media who are credibly accused of creating/enabling the mass formation psychosis would like to assure us that no such reality exists…”

“They’ve called in the infantry”

“The Associated Press is a propaganda outlet.”

“This is proof that it’s actually real, if you ask me”

“This is like OJ fact-checking he didn’t carve up Ron and Nicole”

“Oh, I see. According to the media and experts who have peddled fear for 2 years, it is not possible for their peddled fear to induce irrational behavior in a large part of society. Like, the Salem Witch Trials were totally rational and not due to fear.”

“Experts™ don’t like the idea of *Mass Formation Psychosis*.”

“this is the weirdest fu**in’ thing to “fact check,” it’s like a bully calls you a smellypooface and you start citing authoritative sources on odor perception and the gut microbiome because clearly what we have here is a knowledge gap”

“More evidence of mass formation psychosis.”

“They fact-checked themselves and found that they did nothing wrong.”

“I wondered about this until the ‘fact checkers’ dismissed it. Now I’m certain it’s true.”

“Lol, you just PROVED his hypothesis.”

This Fact Check brought to you by @pfizer”

“The people responsible for mass formation psychosis are telling you it’s made up. LOL”

“So the “fact checkers” proven to be bullshit have said that mass formation psychosis isn’t a thing. But clearly they’re trust worthy this time tho. Never mind that they only follow 12 accounts on Twitter and it’s all of themselves, cuz that’s clearly objective. “

“And yet a teacher puts her child in the trunk of her car due to Covid and says it’s normal”

“This tweet is perfect, and the people who wrote it don’t even know why”

And on and on and on the comments went.

It’s clear that people are wide awake and are hip to what the media and politicians have done to this country.


Keep it up. The damn is breaking and a flood of truth is pouring in.

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