[VIDEO] Aussie Official Holds Most Racist and Offensive COVID Presser On Earth — You Have to SEE It to BELIEVE It

[VIDEO] Aussie Official Holds Most Racist and Offensive COVID Presser On Earth — You Have to SEE It to BELIEVE It

There are few times where I am left dumbstruck and deeply offended by something.


Mainly because in my line of work I’ve seen so much hogwash out there, that I’m numb to a lot of it by now. It’s a survival mechanism, I suppose, because you guys should see the stuff I DON’T share with you.

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So, today, as I was perusing the internet, looking for interesting, newsworthy, and fun things to share with you, I happened upon something that was so racist, and offensive, it stopped me dead in my tracks. And no, it’s not some “KKK recruiting” video, it’s a clip from a COVID presser with an Aussie official.

I had to watch it several times to even comprehend what I was seeing.

I can explain this to you, but trust me, you need to see this, to believe how truly offensive it is.

Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini shared this clip from an Aussie COVID press conference, where this official is having what he says “translated” into “Aboriginal-English,” by a woman, who looks more like a hostage than anything else.

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But it’s not even about what she looks like, LISTEN to her “translation.” and tell me this is not the most offensive and rude thing you’ve seen from a “government official.”

Rebel News reported that Australians were treated to a new level of dystopian absurdity this morning when Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan released an ad campaign for Covid vaccination.

In it, McGowan has his Covid vaccination message translated from English into … English by the Aboriginal woman beside him.

Whether intentional or careless, the Western Australian government’s footage suggests that Aboriginal people can only understand English if it’s broken up and repeated via an Aboriginal person, thus infantilising an entire community.

Here’s what Avi said on Twitter: “This is the most racist government initiative I’ve ever seen. @MarkMcGowanMP had an indigenous elder translate his message from English to “Aboriginal-English.” The bloke is sick.”


I couldn’t agree more. No, I don’t see this as “showing respect” to “Aboriginal English,” as liberals are trying to say. I think it’s insulting to suggest Aboriginals can’t understand nearly the same exact words when they come out of a white person’s mouth.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what folks online had to say:

“This is like a Monty Python skitt”

“This is not “respecting a dialect” as liberals would have you believe. This is a white guy in a suit standing there, acting as if his “big words” are just too much for black folks to handle” 

“This looks like a comedy sketch”

“Why are they treating that poor woman like a savage or something?”

“This only makes sense to rabid leftwing liberals who, clearly, have a mental disorder….Church of Saint Fauci’s Branch Covidians has some wacky parishioners Down Under”

“She looks uneasy, as if she knows she is standing next to an insane person.”

“The jokes write themselves these days” 

“How wildly clueless are white politicians down under?”

“if this is what liberals call “showing respect” I’d hate to see what they think is offensive” 

“This is indistinguishable from a comedy skit”

“This is some macabre, real-life “Stewardess, I speak jive” skit. Terribly offensive.” 

“What the hell is wrong with Australia? Seriously, have the vaccines clotted their damn brains?”

“This is the most racist sh*t I have ever seen in my entire life.”

“That moment when you realize even the most racist Southern rednecks have never been THIS racist. “

“at this point Australia is turning into some sort of dystopian FX sitcom”

“I need to just log off the internet and call it a day after seeing this” 

I can’t believe liberals are defending this.


There are amazing ways to celebrate and respect Aboriginal culture — THIS is not one of them.

Something really bizarre is happening “down under.”

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Nathan Saunders
10 months ago

As an Aussie I could only watch 41 seconds. Aboriginals are not that s****d. The Western Australian premier is a ruthless vax pusher

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