[VIDEO] Aussie Local News Tried To Show an “Overwhelmed” COVID Hospital But Got a BIG Surprise Instead 

[VIDEO] Aussie Local News Tried To Show an “Overwhelmed” COVID Hospital But Got a BIG Surprise Instead 

A local news crew down under, in the land of crazy COVID tyrants, wanted to show their scared-stiff, hypnotized viewers a packed COVID hospital and all the workers – nurses, doctors, and other staff, running back and forth as they care for COVID patients.


The point of the piece was to show how “overwhelmed” and “overrun” the staff was from battling “code brown.”

What is “code brown”? Here’s what an Aussie outlet describes:

Code Brown is a recognised code across the country that is used by health services in light of an external emergency. It’s aimed at developing a plan that will alleviate the pressures placed on hospitals.

Code Browns are usually activated when a state is affected by transport accidents, chemical spills and natural emergencies.

But this time, the government has issued the code on behalf of all metropolitan hospitals and six regional hospitals across the state. Private hospitals have the option of calling a Code Brown for their own facilities.

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The news staff wasn’t allowed inside, so they decided to take a “peek” at what was going on in the hospital through a window.

And boy were they surprised at what they saw…

They didn’t see nurses running all over the place, or doctors weeping in the hallway

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What they saw was one “dancing nurse.”


You can watch the video below:

This is reminiscent of all the nurses we saw doing “choreographed dances” during the first wave of COVID when we were told how “overwhelmed” the hospitals were.

I am not saying that hospitals haven’t been busy or maybe some have been “overwhelmed.”

But it is odd to see medical professionals “dancing” and having a good time during a crisis that we’re being told is one of the worst things to ever hit the world.

People tried to say they were just trying to “blow off steam.”


Many people found it odd and offensive that so many medical professionals were using choreographed dance routines to just “blow off steam.”

Those take a long time to coordinate and learn, right? Not to mention the practice and then uploading onto TikTok…

To many Americans, the medical staff making those dance videos looked bored, and the whole thing was ghoulish.

And many memes like this one began circulating.


Now, maybe that hospital down under was “overrun.” I don’t know.

But it’s hard to convince everyone how “deadly and dangerous” something is when many of the people on the front lines look like they’re having so much fun.

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