AZ Dems Censure Kyrsten Sinema Over Filibuster Vote; Celebrated Her Just 3 Years Ago!

AZ Dems Censure Kyrsten Sinema Over Filibuster Vote; Celebrated Her Just 3 Years Ago!

As a result of Kyrsten Sinema’s vote against Joe Biden’s demands to amend the filibuster in order to pass a so-called “voting rights” measure, Democrats in Arizona decided to issue an official censure to the Democratic senator (D-AZ).

Despite the fact that she had voted in lockstep with Biden on every previous piece of legislation that had come before her, the decision was made to punish the rookie senator.

A senator who voted against the president only once in this fashion has never received such a stinging punishment.

Trump administration senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), for example, was censured for refusing to vote along party lines more than seventy percent of the time during Trump’s term in the White House.

Only three Senate Democrats have voted against Biden on more than two legislation, and none have voted against him on three or more measures thus far in the current legislative session.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema has been censured by the Arizona Democratic Party for failing to do all that she could for the wellbeing of the state’s democracy, the party declared in a statement.

According to one supporter, “It honestly shouldn’t be acceptable for a representative to violate the desire of the people she allegedly serves.”

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This is a symbolic slap in the face to a woman who only three years ago delivered the GOP an Arizona Senate seat for the first time in a generation, ABC News 15 reported.

Even though she won’t be on the ballot again until 2024, numerous organizations are already putting money aside for a primary battle.

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